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Fee Guide

We accept all major credit and debit card payments. Please note that using a credit card will incur an extra 2% charge to all payments.

We also accept bankers drafts and cheques made payable to Garden View Dental care.

We offer dental payment plans such as Denplan.


Fees correct as of July 2020

New Patient Examination From £95 (inc treatment plan, x-rays and photographs)
Routine Checkup £40
X-rays (each) £17
30 min Hygiene (scale & polish) From
One visit Scale and Polish £75
45 min Hygiene Appointment £113
Airflow £47
Children Hygiene Session £38
Periodontal Treatments From
Simple £150
Complex £300
Composite (white) Fillings From
One Surface Comp £95
Two Surface (MO) £245
Three Surface (MOD) £275
Whitening From
Zoom Whitening £510
Home Whitening£309
Combination whitening£599
Whitening re-fill package £80
Extra Whitening Tray £75
Extractions From
Simple Extraction From £190
Complex Extraction From £275
RCT From
Incisors and Canines £390
Premolars £560
Molars £800
Re-RCT From
Incisors and Canines £500
Premolars £700
Molars £900
Preventative Treatments From
Fissure Sealant per Tooth £20
Flouride sealant per tooth £30
Full Arch Fluoride Gel £150
Crowns From
Full Gold Crown £950
Porcelain Bonded Crown £750
Gold Post and Core £225
Porcelain Crown £700
Porcelain Inlay £700
Bridge per Unit £700
Re-cement Crown From £55
Re-cement Bridge From £65
Smile Design From
Consultation £90
Wax up per Tooth £35
Veneers per Tooth £900
Six Month Smile From
Consultation £90
1 Arch £2750
2 Arches £3350
IPR per Tooth £20
Gold Retainer £205
Replacement Retainer£205
Implants From
Consultation £60
Implant and Crown £3300
Stent £120
Mouth Guards From
Clear £100
Colour £115
More than 3 Colour £140
Soft Splint for TMJDS £100
B Splint £225
Equilibration From
Mounting Models £150
Equilibrate per Tooth £30
Dentures From
Partial Chrome Denture £1350
Full Chrome Denture £1350
Partial Acrylic (plastic) Denture £750
Full Acrylic (plastic) Denture Set (upper and lower) £1350

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