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Looking for an emergency dentist in the Beaconsfield area?

Garden View Dental in Beaconsfield has worked hard to establish its reputation for offering first class dental treatment along with an unparalleled level of patient care. We are pleased to offer our patients a comprehensive dental service, ensuring our patients maintain good oral health and we offer emergency dental services when needed.

beaconsfield-emergency-dentistWhy might I need emergency dental care?

If you have developed a toothache out of the blue, or have damaged one of your teeth in an accident or have any other dental problem that is affecting your day and it feels it absolutely cannot wait, you will probably need an emergency dentist. It is important if you have lost a tooth in a sporting accident, or some other incident, to see a dentist urgently, as it will affect the outcome of the treatment. Basically the sooner you can get to see a dentist the more likely it is that they will be able to save your tooth. If the pain and level of dental disturbance is interfering with your daily business, you may not be able to go down the usual route of booking a first appointment with your dentist. Perhaps you haven’t been to the dentist in a while and are not registered with one, but you have developed sudden onset dental pain, or you have a swelling which could be the start of an abscess that needs immediate attention. Well you don’t need to suffer any longer. If you are in need of an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire contact Garden View Dental Care of Beaconsfield immediately. We offer professional and caring emergency dentist advice, and will be able to rectify the problem for you as soon as possible. Sometimes we will provide temporary treatment so you are comfortable and not in any pain, or we might prescribe antibiotics and then look to book you in again for further treatment at a later date if necessary, to complete the treatment.

Who are Garden View Dental Care?

We are a professional and highly regarded dental service located in Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire. Along with being a popular emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire, we are pleased to offer a full and comprehensive range of dental treatments. We are passionate about teeth and believe that preventive dentistry and good oral care is at the heart of good dental health. We offer check-ups along with screening for mouth cancer, cleaning and routine dentistry to our patients both far and wide. If you have broken or damaged teeth you will need particular treatments, and we offer restorative dentistry such as implants, along with bridgework, crowns and dentures as required. We also specialise in orthodontics to gently persuade and align teeth into their desired positions using braces. We also offer the Invisalign teeth alignment system, truly a revolutionary advancement in orthodontics, which helps to align your teeth discreetly and are a lot less obtrusive and much easier to manage than standard braces. If it’s a gleaming smile you are after well look no further, we offer the very latest in cosmetic teeth whitening treatments and porcelain veneers if required. So if you are looking for a dentist in the Buckinghamshire area, Garden View Dental Care will soon have you smiling.

What can I expect from a dentist in Buckinghamshire

Looking for a dentist who provides a high quality dental service in a warm and relaxed environment? Then what you need is Garden View Dental Care of Beaconsfield.

buckinghamshire-dentistAt Garden View Dental Care we believe that a smile is as individual as the person it belongs to. We value every one of our patients and put patient care and well-being at the very heart of everything we do. At Garden View Dental Care we take your smile to the next level.

What am I looking for in a dentist in Buckinghamshire?

When we are looking for a dental practice what are the first things that spring to mind? Dental expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and materials, hygiene, trust, a high degree of patient care, and a welcoming environment? Well here at Garden View Dental Care we have built our practice on such foundations. We believe that a great smile is as individual as you are and truly mirrors your personality. We aim to really get to know you as our patient so we can truly help you achieve what you are looking for from your dentist in Buckinghamshire.

Who are Garden View Dental Care and what do they offer?

We have created a relaxed and welcoming environment and our staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have, they are specially trained to make you feel comfortable during your visit with us. Initially you will complete a general health questionnaire to help us better understand your current health. Following this you will meet your dentist and be given a routine dental examination which will include X-rays, where necessary, along with screening for mouth cancer. Once we have established your current oral condition we will be better placed to discuss treatment with you if required. At all stages you will be kept fully informed and advised of the best course of treatment for you. If you do need any procedures your dentist in Buckinghamshire will tailor a bespoke treatment plan with you and all costs for your treatment will be discussed beforehand,

What kinds of treatments can they offer?

Garden View Dental Care are a full service dental practice offering a wide range of dental treatments. We believe that establishing a good dental routine early really pays dividends and we advocate this to all of our younger patients. There really is no substitute for regular check-ups, cleaning and routine maintenance to keep your teeth and smile in tip-top condition, However despite our best efforts sometimes teeth do need a little help in maintaining their functionality and giving you that fabulous smile. Our team has a high degree of dental expertise, allowing us to deliver an excellent general dental service which includes fillings, extractions where absolutely necessary, and root canal work. If you suffer from broken, missing or damaged teeth or have recently had a tooth knocked out in a sporting accident we offer a wonderful service in restorative dentistry. Using dental implants as a solid anchor we are able to restore your smile with crowns, bridges and dentures which act, feel and perform almost like natural teeth. We also offer the latest teeth whitening treatments and revolutionary orthodontic procedures like Invisalign, to enhance and deliver a smile you can be proud of.

Feeling like you deserve more out of your smile?

Many people put up with the feeling of gaps in their mouths, their teeth not being correctly aligned, or their smile being crooked. But this isn’t something you need to settle for, because here at Garden View Dental Care, we are professionally trained to assist you on the journey to getting the smile that you deserve.

clear-braces-beaconsfieldWhy do you need us?

If the timeframe of regular braces sometimes taking up to 3 years to fix your smile isn’t something that sounds particularly appealing, we can offer you clear braces – the latest, modern way of fixing your teeth without drawing attention to yourself. Our Six Month Smiles braces are barely noticeable with the wires being completely tooth coloured, allowing you to keep the clear braces a little secret to yourself. With efficient yet comfortable ways to discreetly improve your smile, it is no wonder that clear braces are now increasing dramatically in popularity. With the average treatment time of only 6 months, these are perfect for those short on time, or for those who simply don’t want people realising they are wearing braces!

What makes them so good?

After wearing the initial clear braces, you will then be provided with a removable retainer, which you will need to wear during the day and at night times, in order to keep your brand new smile in its new position. Wearing a fixed one can often make eating or brushing an inconvenience, leading to people feeling like fixing their teeth is a chore that they can’t be bothered to do. However, with our completely removable, flexible retainer, you can easily fit improving your smile into your busy lifestyle. Take matters into your own hands. Your smile, your choice.

I’m scared of visiting the dentist

Does this sound like something you often say to yourself? Many people are affected by dental phobias, making it an extremely common problem, whether this be in children, adults, or the elderly. However, these fears and anxieties shouldn’t have the power of stopping you getting the smile that you deserve. Here at Garden View Dental Care, we understand that you may have concerns, meaning our primary goal is to ensure that you are welcomed by warm, understanding members of our team, to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Your first appointment will be a sit down consultation with Dr Makhani where you can discuss your anxieties, and together devise a treatment plan that is best suited to you. This can take as long as it needs for you to feel comfortable, as we can break down the treatment appointments into shorter meetings if this will make you feel more confident. Discussing the procedures with you at every stage of the journey to make you feel more informed and secure is what we do best, so why not book an appointment with Dr Makhani today, and see how we can get you onto the road of fixing your smile.

Have you been to visit a dentist in Buckinghamshire?

If you are looking for a dentist in Buckinghamshire who delivers a meticulous and professional approach to dentistry, Garden View Dental Care is the clear choice.

buckinghamshire-dentistGarden View Dental Care offer a comprehensive and professional range of dental treatments and we do so in a way that makes you, the patient, always feel valued and part of the process. We are rightly proud of our reputation as a caring and trusted family dental practice and we work hard to keep it that way

Who are we ?

It is important to keep your teeth in good condition and to do this you need a good dentist in Buckinghamshire with whom you can build a good relationship and who you can trust to look after your oral health and smile.

Set in the beautiful rolling Buckinghamshire countryside Garden View Dental Care is truly a great find. The level of dental expertise we deliver is only matched by the welcoming and all embracing patient care we provide. Our environment is modern and hygienic and our staff are warm friendly and knowledgeable, and they work hard to make you feel at home. We like to stay abreast of the very latest in dental technology and materials, as we feel this aids patient comfort and helps us ensure excellent outcomes in dentistry for our patients. Our highly trained dentists make it their mission to deliver a high level of dentistry and will always discuss the treatment plan with you, so you have a clear picture of what to expect and what is will cost. We are able to assist our more nervous patients and understand how they feel. So if you are suffering from some form of dental phobia there are a number of options available to help you overcome your anxiety, including pain free dentistry with WAND.

What treatments can we offer?

We like to get to know our patients, so when you arrive you will complete a general health questionnaire, which will help us paint a better picture of your general health. Then you will meet your dentist who will give you a comprehensive dental examination, which will include screening for mouth cancer and an X-ray if required, so your dentist in Buckinghamshire can build a profile of you and is able to understand the current condition of your dental health. Sometimes cleaning and some good advice is all that is needed, but sometimes treatment is required and if it is your dentist will discuss the options with you and create a plan to achieve the desired results. We provide routine dentistry and more specialised procedures where required, including root canal treatment and extractions. We also are happy to treat those needing emergency dentistry when required. For teeth needing a little more work we offer dental implants so we are able to fit crowns, bridges and dentures to help you create the smile you hope for. There really is no need to put up with damaged, broken and missing teeth. Advancements in technology in recent years has been nothing short of staggering. Technology and the latest equipment help us deliver great dentistry comfortably. So whether you need help in maintaining your beautiful smile or a complete smile makeover utilising the very latest teeth whitening or the very latest in orthodontics, we can help. With easy payment options, including interest free finance, there really is no better time to give yourself something to smile about, visit a dentist in Buckinghamshire at Garden View today.

What happens at an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire?

An accident resulting in injury to the teeth or mouth can be very distressing. By being prepared with valuable information on how to deal in such situations, and going to see an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire as soon as possible, you are able to potentially minimise any lasting damage that has been done.

Emergency Dentist in BuckinghamshireBy calling us as soon as you can, following an accident or an injury, we can guide you through the best ways to salvage the situation. We will book an appointment for you at the earliest possible convenience, as the sooner that you see our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire, the better your chances are that your knocked out teeth can be re-implanted, and the damage can be identified and dealt with effectively.

When you come in to see us, there are some steps that we will take to ensure that you receive the best possible immediate care. Depending on the extent of the injury, you may need to return at a later date, after we have temporarily fixed a tooth, or teeth, that have been damaged.

We will thoroughly inspect the injured area, possibly taking x-rays so that we can determine what the full extent of the damage may be. If you are in pain, rest assured that we can numb the area with a local anaesthetic to help relieve you of discomfort for some time.

Next, we will thoroughly clean and sterilize the area to reduce the risk of infection. This can be one of the major complications with any injury and is critical to your healing. After care includes appropriate cleaning and disinfecting of the injured site. We will instruct you on how you can do this at home correctly, and you may be asked to see us again from time to time, whilst you heal, so that we can monitor your progress.

Severe cases may require you to have a tooth removed. We will consult with you what your options are regarding a replacement tooth, should this be the case. If we are unable to permanently fix any injury during this appointment, we will ask you to return at a later date.

What is deemed an emergency?

It isn’t only knocked out teeth that should be immediately seen by one of our dentists. A chipped or broken tooth should also be seen by us promptly, as should a broken crown, a chipped filling, any facial swelling, abscesses, trauma or pain.

We are here to take care of any, and all of your injuries, to ensure that you are able to heal quickly and avoid further complications that may arise in the future. By looking at each case in a non-judgemental, compassionate and professional way, you can feel comfortable knowing that you will receive valuable and insightful advice on your situation and brilliant dental care that eliminates complications, rather than adds to them.

With prompt care during emergencies, you can ensure that we are able to improve your long term oral health, which will inevitably improve your overall wellbeing.

Finding the right dentist in Buckinghamshire

We believe it is critical that you take the time to find the right dentist in Buckinghamshire, who will deliver you results, by first and foremost understanding what your needs are.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireIt is only when you and your dentist in Buckinghamshire work together to correct any concerns that may have arisen, regarding your oral health, that you can find promising and lasting results. A combination of preventive, restorative and cosmetic care can be provided by us to give you the healthy, clean and beautiful smile that you deserve.

If you are looking to connect with a new oral health care professional, then we welcome you to stop by our practice to speak with one of our non-judgemental, approachable and compassionate team members. We take the time to get to know who you are. This can alleviate any dental fear that you may have developed, due to previous encounters, or anxiety that has stemmed from childhood.

Our bespoke approach to dental care gives you the opportunity to understand better what we can do for you personally, which we believe makes all the difference.

So I booked my first consultation. What will happen there?

Congratulations! You are on your way to a happier and healthier smile. We look forward to welcoming you into our practice and enjoying your lifelong journey with us, with strong teeth and a functional smile.

At your first consultation, it is important that we gather as much information as we can, regarding any previous dental work and your medical history. We understand that the body is a holistic organism; every part of us works in an intimate way with the rest of our body, so this information is of vital importance to us in deciding your treatment options.

This is why we leave no stone unturned. We talk to you about your lifestyle and your habits. We talk about your diet, as well as things you would like to change. This is also an opportunity for you to talk about what you would like to receive from us, as your oral health guardian. Please do not feel like some things are not worth mentioning, as everything you say helps us to build an idea on who you are and how we can best advise and support you.

We will then take a look inside and outside of your mouth. We will screen you for mouth cancer and talk about signs that you should be aware of regarding this. We look at the position of your jaw and the alignment of your bite. Your teeth, gums, cheeks and mouth are all thoroughly inspected and x-rays may be used for a more detailed investigation.

By using modern equipment such as digital scans, high magnification and lighting, we can check for very early signs of decay and disease, allowing us to focus more on preventive care, rather than restorative. We firmly believe that the prevention of disease and decay is always better than having to provide a cure, and our system of care reflects these ideals.

This modern approach to dental care is allowing our patients to enjoy a healthier mouth for longer, ideally enjoying the use of their natural teeth for their entire lives.

Clear braces in Beaconsfield are a great solution

For those of you who have professional careers, that may cause you to feel uncomfortable with wearing visible traditional teeth straightening devices, then there is an option that could have you both having your cake and eating it too!

Clear Braces in BeaconsfieldClear braces in Beaconsfield allows those of us who are looking to enjoy the journey towards straighter, more beautiful teeth, a chance to see results. Innovative technology allows us to accurately and expertly identify issues and provide a solution for you that has never been faster.

Every individual will experience a unique case, and although traditional devices are immensely effective for a broad range of difficult and complex misalignments of the teeth and jaw, some of us are only dealing with a cosmetic contortion that does not need the manipulation and control that traditional teeth straightening models have.

By streamlining the procedure, and placing emphasis on the areas of concern that many of our patients have, we are excited to be able to provide an all round solution that not only straightens teeth and is more comfortable to wear, but is also not obviously apparent that you are even undergoing such a treatment.

The technology that is the driving power behind clear braces in Beaconsfield is highly advanced, which allows us to minimise treatment times and provide you with a more accurate estimation of how the results will be. We can fine tune the device in order to perfect your smile during the later stages of your treatment, to suit your desires.

How does this new model compare to more traditional versions?

Traditional teeth straightening devices consist of a metal brackets that are attached to the teeth with wires connecting each of these brackets together. A dentist is able to manipulate teeth into their correct position by pulling them into place by tightening and rearranging these wires.

We use Six Month Smiles as an alternative means to these traditional models. By taking advantage of the excellent control that a dentist has with these traditional fixed models, design modifications have meant that our way of treatment uses less force and a more modern wire technology to straighten teeth faster, as well as comfortably.

Both wire and bracket are also clear, meaning that you do not have to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about your smile throughout your journey with us. Easily gone unseen, you can feel relaxed, knowing that nobody needs to know that you are straightening your teeth, unless you want them to.

Depending on your personal situation, we can even periodically remove your device, so that it can fit into your hectic lifestyle. If you have an important event or occasion that you would like to look your best for, speak to us about the possibility of removing the brackets and wires and replacing them at a later stage.

We understand the importance of a treatment system that fits around your lifestyle, and will do everything that we can in order to balance your needs and desires with the necessary demands of having your teeth straightened. The end result will have you enjoying the process comfortably, whilst seeing the results that you want.

Creating a beautiful smile together with your dentist in Buckinghamshire

Dentists in Buckinghamshire are now equipped with so many innovative tools and technology that, together, we are able to create that perfect smile that you have always dreamed of having. So we welcome you to simply speak with us about your smile goals and dental desires and we can come up with a treatment plan together, that fits in with your lifestyle, whilst bringing you the results that you are looking for.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireWith treatments that will suit any budget, and finance plans offered, no one needs to settle for second best. Your dentist in Buckinghamshire is simply here to give you the smile you deserve.

We believe that all of us should have a healthy and happy smile, which you can feel comfortable with sharing with the world. A smile is one of the first attributes that people recognise and base first impressions upon. Let your smile be everything that you want it to be. We listen to your thoughts, and provide insightful information that comes from our many years of training and experience.

Not everyone is looking for perfectly white, straight and even teeth, although a lot of us are. We are able to find that unique beauty, that is hidden behind crooked or stained teeth, and allow it to shine through. Your smile can still be uniquely yours whilst looking brilliantly white, healthy and clean.

What treatments do we provide?

Our team combines the technical skills gained from many years of training, with an eye for aesthetics, that comes from years of experience. Together, with the latest treatment systems, we offer fast and effective treatments, using well known and trusted brands, that have been rigorously tested to ensure safety and longevity.

We offer teeth whitening, that can be done in practice or in the comfort of your own home, provide impressive dental veneers over only a few appointments, and offer several teeth straightening solutions, which provide lifelong health benefits. We always ensure a bespoke treatment plan that meets your needs.

When it comes to straightening teeth, every person’s smile is unique. No longer is there a single traditional device to correct teeth and jaw misalignments, but rather many different braces that we can use to fit in with the demands of your lifestyle.

Every system works well for different situations, so by having your teeth assessed we can speak with you about what we believe will be the right course of action for you. By discussing your options, and working together to create a plan that suits you, you can take control of your health and wellbeing.

How can I achieve a better smile?

For those of you who want to see results fast, porcelain veneers are an easy way to create that picture perfect smile that graces the covers of magazines. Once reserved only for the rich and famous, you too can benefit from this procedure, that not only beautifies your smile, but protects damaged teeth as well, by covering them with an attractive porcelain shell.

These shells can last upwards of 10 years when cared for correctly, providing longevity and value to your investment. They are suitable for a number of cosmetic disfigurements that teeth can present with, which means they are suitable for many people.

Worried about a painful swelling in your mouth? Reasons to visit our emergency dentists in Buckinghamshire

No one likes a medical emergency. Trips to A&E, or visiting GP hubs can take hours out of a day and leave you feeling tired and stressed when you leave. While many people are aware of what constitutes a trip to A&E related to physical or mental ailments, few people are informed about which conditions warrant a trip to an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire.

Emergency Dentist in BuckinghamshireDental emergencies are just as serious as other forms of medical emergency and should not be treated as an afterthought. At Garden View Dental Care, our team of emergency dentists in Buckinghamshire are dedicated to treating all emergencies quickly and efficiently, to get you out of discomfort in the quickest possible time.

So what is classified as an emergency by our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire?

Painful swelling

It is true that pain is relative and therefore can be quite difficult to standardise, but you know which pains are abnormal in your body better than we do. If you have a sudden, painful swelling under a tooth, under your tongue or inner cheek, you should book an emergency appointment, especially if the swelling looks blue or purple.

Sudden, painful swellings tend to be abscesses, which require emergency treatment to minimise the pain and treat the infection. A confirmed abscess will need a follow up appointment with your regular dentist after you have seen a member of our emergency team.

Excessive pain

Once again, this can be difficult to define, but excessive pain is best described as a pain which prevents you from eating, drinking and sleeping.

This can be a pain in a tooth or teeth, under a tooth or teeth or in your jawline. It is important to be seen as soon as possible as our dentists will alleviate the discomfort and identify the source.

Cracked or chipped tooth

Common if you are a sporty type, chipped or cracked teeth of any degree require emergency attention.

Even if you are not in discomfort, a cracked or chipped tooth can allow bacteria to enter the tooth and infect the pulp if untreated; our dental team will restore the tooth with a composite resin and ensure that all microscopic holes are sealed.

Unrelenting bleeding

Once again, if you are into contact sports like rugby, bleeding from the mouth is par for the course. However, if you are experiencing a constant flow of blood following an impact or an extraction, you must see a dentist as soon as you can, to prevent further blood loss and ensure the cause is identified and treated.

Lost filling or crown

A common occurrence, a lost filling or crown needs to be restored as soon as possible.

Losing a filling or crown is very uncomfortable and it can allow further decay to occur on the tooth or allow bacteria to infect the pulp, causing an abscess, which is extremely uncomfortable.

Need an emergency dentist? Call us today!

Do you need some restorative dental work? Services we offer at Garden View Dental in Buckinghamshire

Tooth loss is never enjoyable. Whether you have lost 2 teeth or every tooth in your mouth, it can have an overall impact on your confidence and your mouth’s ability to function correctly. Not only this, but tooth loss causes the gum to recede and can be destabilising for any natural teeth you have surrounding the missing tooth, which may create more aesthetic and functionality issues.

Dentists in BuckinghamshireWhile the world of cosmetic dentistry is all abuzz with talk of dental implants, you may find that you don’t like the sound of the procedure or simply don’t want to undertake such a drastic step. At Garden View Dental, our dentists in Buckinghamshire can offer you the perfect solution to restore tooth function without the need for implants, in the form of restorative dentistry.

What is restorative dentistry?

A combination of providing you with functionality and cosmetic work, restorative dentistry aims to restore the function of your mouth; allowing you to bite into or chew food exactly as you did before you lost your tooth or teeth. Our dentists in Buckinghamshire can provide you with the best option for your tooth loss, which includes the following procedures.


Perfect for fixing partially broken teeth, our dentists in Buckinghamshire will decide whether to use a porcelain veneer or a composite material to restore the tooth to its original shape. For incidents of smaller chips or breaks, a small amount of enamel coloured filling material can be used to bond the tooth.


A common restoration, crowns are used to protect a broken tooth that has succumbed to extensive decay, damage or that has a very large filling. Crowns are also recommended for teeth that have had root canal treatments performed.

At Garden View Dental Care, we offer porcelain crowns, full gold crowns and post and core crowns.


Like mini dentures, bridges are composed of a few false teeth which are fixed through an attachment to surrounding teeth.

If you require a bridge to replace teeth located at the front of your mouth, our dentists will typically use porcelain which will be shade matched, so your bridge is not visibly different from your natural teeth. After a bridge is fitted, we advise you to meet with one of our hygienists to discuss the care procedure required to keep your mouth healthy.


When you have lost all of your natural teeth, dentures are the gold standard in restorative dentistry.

We will take an impression of your gums to ensure your denture fits perfectly and can help you with aftercare concerns such as hygiene, speaking and eating techniques while you adapt.


Want restorative dentistry accomplished in one visit?

CEREC is a machine that can make crowns, veneers or onlays while you sit in the dental chair, allowing for a more convenient answer to restorative dental work.

If you need some restorative dental work, contact us today at Garden View Dental Care.