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All There is to Know About Tooth Decay

Tooth decay may be a common dental problem, but only a few people actually take the time to know why this is a real problem. It usually affects children, but it also occurs in adults. If left untreated, it may result in a string of problems, such as infection and tooth loss.

tooth decayHere at Garden View Dental Care, we commit ourselves to educating our patients about the importance of dental care. Discussed below are the things you need to know about tooth decay.

How the Decay Develops

The uncontrolled growth of bacteria in the mouth is the primary cause of tooth decay. Bacteria are important, as they break down food. But if they thrive beyond the normal level, they become invasive. When combined with acid, saliva and other food particles, they form plaque.

Plaque is a film of sticky substance that adheres to the surface of the teeth. When not removed, it becomes tartar. Plaque contains acids that weaken the enamel of the teeth. These cause cavities, which are the holes in the tooth’s surface. The decay hurts when it starts damaging the tooth pulp.

The Indicators

The most recognisable symptom of tooth decay is the discoloured section of the tooth. It may appear whiter than the rest of the tooth. Your teeth may also feel sensitive to hot and cold. When the decay starts getting to the pulp, you will already feel pain. A large decay may cause a part of the tooth to fall off. Bad breath is also a good indicator.

Preventions and Treatments

As carbohydrates, such as sugars and starches, are the main culprits, we advise that you limit these snacks. Doing so reduces the amount of acid exposure. Maintain a good oral hygiene. Brush every after meal. Proper hydration also flushes acids.

Treatments usually include fillings and crowns. For severe cases, extraction and root canal will be necessary. We offer these treatments here at Garden View Dental Care. For prevention, we have decay detection services.

On top of these services, we offer teeth whitening and other cosmetic solutions. Just visit our other pages and get in touch with our friendly staff to set an appointment.