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Why should I see a dentist in Buckinghamshire?

Whether you are 9 or 90, your oral health matters. Unfortunately, quite a few people in the UK are unable to see the dentist regularly, even though check-ups and dental examinations have proven to prevent serious oral health issues in the long run.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireIf you think you have waited too long for your dental visit, then schedule an appointment with Garden View Dental Care, your trusted dentist in Buckinghamshire. We are committed to offering great oral care to our patients. Even if your oral routine is great and you do not have any symptoms, only your dentist in Buckinghamshire can diagnose potential problems and help prevent them.

If you have any of the following symptoms:

  • sensitive teeth
  • puffy and bleeding gums
  • bad breath
  • bad taste
  • pain and swelling
  • abscesses
  • toothache
  • dry mouth
  • smoking
  • uneven bite
  • spots and sores in the mouth

then chances are that you experience dental problems.

All of the above symptoms are indicative of dental problems which may be threatening to your overall health. For instance, puffy and bleeding gums are indicative of gum disease, whereas spots and sores in your mouth may be signs of oral cancer.

Why do regular dental visits matter?

Developing a close and stable relationship with your dentist in Buckinghamshire is really important, since they will be able to monitor your oral health and spot potential problems early on. If gum disease and tooth decay are spotted early on, then they can be easily reversed with intensive treatment. The same applies to other problems affecting your teeth and gums. Visiting the dentist at regular intervals is also really important if you are suffering from a disease such as diabetes, whose symptoms can affect your mouth.

How often should I visit the dentist?

While most dentists recommend visiting bi-annually, different patients have different dental needs, therefore this matter cannot be solved with a one-size-fits-all approach. Your dentist will assess your individual problems and provide care based on your individual needs. People who are prone to cavities and gum disease will need to visit their dentist in Buckinghamshire more frequently to ensure that their teeth and gums stay healthy.

Things your dentist in Buckinghamshire wants you to know

Going to the dentist is not a pleasant activity for many people. However, regular dental visits are necessary for optimal oral health.

At Garden View Dental Care, we are committed to the oral health and the wellbeing of our patients. And we want you to know that visiting the dentist in Buckinghamshire is not as scary as it sounds.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireWe won’t call you out for the state of your teeth

If you avoid visiting the dentist in Buckinghamshire because you haven’t had a cleaning in over 6 months or simply because you are not taking great care of your teeth and gums, don’t be alarmed – we won’t make you feel uncomfortable by pointing the finger at you. Our job is to protect your teeth from gum disease, tooth decay and other infections. And if your teeth are already affected, we will do our best to restore them.

There is no such thing as ‘dream teeth’

Many people come to the dentist with very high expectations. And while some of them (e.g. very bright teeth) can be achieved with specific dental procedures (such as teeth whitening), others are not possible for many reasons. For instance, people who wish to replicate the smile of their favourite celebrity need to take into consideration parameters such as their face shape or the size of their lips. Just because something looks great on someone else, it doesn’t mean that it will have the same effect on you and your dentist in Buckinghamshire will do their best to explain this to you.

Bleeding gums should not be overlooked

If you saw blood on your hands while washing them, you’d run to the doctor. Why not do the same with the dentist when you see blood in the sink after brushing your teeth? A lot of people overlook symptoms such as bleeding and puffy gums and this can cause many complications. Bleeding gums are a sign of first-stage gum disease. If not treated properly, gum disease can turn into periodontitis, a serious infection of the gum tissue and ligaments around the teeth.

Schedule your next appointment today

If you think that it’s time to see the dentist in Buckinghamshire, don’t hesitate – give us a call today.

Is it possible to reverse gum disease?

If you are one of the many Britons suffering from gum disease, you understand the pain and sensitivity it can cause. Gum disease is a multi-stage condition that starts without – almost – any symptoms. However, it can easily progress into a serious condition that can affect your overall oral health and wellbeing.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireGum disease can be reversed by our dentist in Buckinghamshire, as long as you visit Garden View Dental Care soon enough. If you think that you may suffer from early-stage gum disease, you should arrange a meeting with your dentist in Buckinghamshire straightaway.

What are the symptoms of early-stage gum disease?

Early-stage gum disease – known as gingivitis – affects the gums in different ways. In general, if your gums have suddenly become sensitive or you see blood in the sink after brushing and flossing your teeth, then chances are that you are infected. Other alarming symptoms include (but are not limited to) puffy and swollen gums. All these indications should make you book an appointment with your dentist in Buckinghamshire as soon as possible.

What can the dentist do?

Your dentist will begin by examining your gums carefully to determine whether you suffer from gingivitis. If that’s the case, they will proceed with a deep cleaning, where even the areas around the roots of your teeth will be cleaned from bacteria, plaque, and tartar. If your condition is already serious, your dentist in Buckinghamshire may recommend antibiotics or other treatments.

What can I do?

Gum disease is a preventable condition as long as you take good care of your teeth and gums daily. However, taking good care of them does not only involve brushing and flossing them. You should drink plenty of water, avoid sugar and soda drinks and enrich your diet with fruit and vegetables. Other prevention strategies to ensure that gum disease won’t return include visiting your dentist at least twice a year for a thorough cleaning.

We can help

At Garden View Dental Care, we are here to educate you on the ways you can keep gum disease at bay. Call us today and book a consultation appointment.

Dental health for children with special needs

Going to the dentist can be challenging for any child, but it’s especially hard for children with special needs. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of your next dental visit, because with the help of your dentist in Buckinghamshire you can prepare your child in the best way possible.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireAt Garden View Dental Care, we provide preventive dental care to children with special needs. We appreciate that children with special needs may experience more severe dental problems, but we are here to make them feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Instead of dreading your next visit with your child to your dentist in Buckinghamshire, talk to us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Let us know about your child’s problems

At Garden View Dental Care, we have experience in treating young children as well as children with special needs. However, in order to make the most out of your appointment, you should let us know in advance as much as possible about the general and oral health of your child. Spending a little time gathering all this information for us will go a long way since we will be better informed and we can devise a personalised and effective treatment plan to help improve your child’s oral health.

Moreover, discussing your child’s needs in advance is quite important, since this will give us time to prepare. If your child needs to be distracted, please let us know and we will do our best to provide distraction according to their medical condition. It is also advised to schedule your appointment at that time in the day that your child feels more relaxed.

Prepare your child for their dental appointment

Children with special needs struggle to establish a dental routine but this can change with your help. Reminding your child to brush and floss their teeth on a daily basis (or doing it for them if they can’t perform these actions on their own) is really important, since these actions teach them responsibility and good oral hygiene habits. With our help of our dentist in Buckinghamshire, your dental visit doesn’t need to be a chore.

Tis the season to visit the dentist in Buckinghamshire

In the blink of an eye, the holidays are over. And while you had a lot of fun with friends and family, you also ate more sweets than you had planned. But that’s ok as long as your first priority is to visit the dentist after the holiday season.

At Garden View Dental Care, we are here to help you get through the dental pitfalls of the holiday season. Scheduling an examination and cleaning with your dentist in Buckinghamshire straight after the holidays is a great idea because prevention will help avoid cavities and keep your teeth as healthy and strong as possible.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireWe are not here to tell you off

Even if you had many more sweets than you originally planned, it is really important to tell us the truth. After all, we need to know what’s going on in your mouth so that we can create the best treatment plan possible. Hopefully, you didn’t forget to brush and floss your teeth regularly between family visits and Christmas parties. However, even if you brushed and flossed your teeth religiously, chances are that plaque has formed in between your teeth. In this case, your dentist in Buckinghamshire will remove it and restore your teeth to their former glory.

Gum disease is the enemy

Gum disease is another reason you should visit the dentist straight after the holiday season. Sugar and food remains can remain trapped in-between your gums and since not a lot of people floss (tends to be the most forgotten or disregarded step of the oral hygiene routine), chances are that your gums may be prone to infection. Your dentist in Buckinghamshire will clean your gums thoroughly and educate you on the benefits of flossing. If you don’t know how to floss, simply ask us and we will give you the best tips.

Don’t forget your dentist in Buckinghamshire

Visiting your dentist in Buckinghamshire after the holiday season is really important, but it’s not the only time you should see your dentist. Instead of planning random appointments, aim to visit at least once every 6 months or more often if you think that you are experiencing a dental problem.

Reassurance for nervous dental patients

Lots of people get nervous about visiting the dentist in Buckinghamshire, so if you get anxious at the thought, you are not alone. At Garden View Dental Care, we have lots of experience in dealing with nervous patients and will do all we can to help you lose that fear.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireMeet the dentist

If you are a new patient at our dentist in Buckinghamshire, we encourage you to come in for an introductory consultation where you can meet Dr Makhani and have a chat about your fears and concerns. Talking to the dentist who is going to be treating you can help a lot, as you can get to know them a bit and they can personally reassure you.

We can tailor your treatments to suit you

If you require extensive treatment, we can devise a plan that works well for you. Whether that means spacing out sessions with the dentist in Buckinghamshire, or having more shorter sessions, we will do our best to make you feel comfortable.

Enjoy the relaxing view

Garden View isn’t just a name – our treatment room has a view of a beautiful garden, which many people find calming to look at while being treated. You can also listen to relaxing music, which has been shown to help people feel less anxious.

Don’t fear the needle

If a fear of needles is keeping you from visiting the dentist in Buckinghamshire, you no longer need to worry. If you require a local anaesthetic, we can use a special Wand device instead of a traditional needle. A part of the CompuDent system, the Wand looks a bit like a pen and is designed to deliver the anaesthetic at a carefully controlled rate. This means you are unlikely to feel the pain usually associated with the rush of fluid into your gum.

Don’t allow past experiences to affect you now

You may have memories of childhood dental visits that are putting you off going to a dentist in Buckinghamshire now. Be assured that dental technology and techniques have come a long way in recent years, and they are much less invasive now. We will discuss the procedures with you and help you to feel at ease.

How bad oral hygiene affects your general health

We all have a good inkling that we ‘should’ visit the dentist at least twice a year, yet many of us still avoid this necessary oral health routine. At your 6-monthly check-up, your dentist in Buckinghamshire will deep clean your teeth, removing the plaque and tartar that damage the integrity of your teeth and can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. The dentist will also asses your overall oral, facial and neck health, catching early warning signs of disease or health problems. However, what you may not be aware of is, when you let your oral health deteriorate, it can also affect your general health.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireGum inflammation upsets your heart

If your gums become inflamed, due to bacteria that cause periodontal disease, and are not treated by your dentist in Buckinghamshire, the bacteria can then build up in your blood stream. The bacteria, once in your bloodstream, can harden the arteries creating blood flow problems and causing heart blockages.


Similar to the way gum-disease affects your heart, bacterial infection from gum disease can spread to the brain via the bloodstream, killing brain cells. They also travel through the nerve channels.

Your lung health

Bacteria from infected teeth and swollen gums can spread to the lungs through the blood stream or inhalation. Once there the bacteria are in your lungs, they can cause infections and undermine your overall pulmonary health.

Apart from causing disease, there are times in your life you need to take special care of your teeth. These include:


If you have diabetes, you will need to pay particular attention to your oral health by visiting us at Garden View Dental Care regularly. Diabetes negatively affects your oral health and can be a cause of gum disease, due to poor blood sugar control. Equally gum disease can make your diabetes worse, so it’s important to visit us regularly so we can support your oral health and nip infections in the bud.


Due to the changes in hormones when a woman is pregnant, the prevalence of gum disease may be increased, and the risk of tooth decay heightened. So, it’s important to see your dentist in Buckinghamshire on a regular basis.

Regular visits to the dentist help avoid serious problems later on

Looking after your teeth is incredibly important. Good oral hygiene is maintained with a daily brushing and flossing routine that ensures the little monsters in your mouth are neutralised. However, a regular oral hygiene routine will not clean away all build-up of bacterial plaque in the mouth and you do need to visit us, as your dentist in Buckinghamshire, as least once every 6 months.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireAs your dentist, Garden View Dental Care can ensure continued oral hygiene throughout your life, if you attend regular check-ups. Your dental hygiene check-up should be seen as a necessary part of your dental care. At each visit, you will be given a thorough examination, making sure your teeth and gum health is optimal. Should there be any indication of infection or decay, acting quickly can prevent gum infections developing into more serious disease that could eventually undermine the stability of your teeth.

Deep cleaning does more than create a pretty smile

Professional cleaning will enable your dentist in Buckinghamshire to remove bacteria that causes plaque and tartar to form. Plaque can erode the enamel on your teeth, seriously undermining its integrity, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. By having your teeth deep-cleaned, your dentist can quickly assess any areas of likely infection and treat accordingly.

How regular appointments take care of more than your teeth and gums

Your dentist in Buckinghamshire does more than look after just your teeth and gums. We also take care of your whole oral, facial and neck areas. When you come for routine visits, we will check your mouth, jaw and neck areas. By checking the whole area, we can discover any underlying issues that maybe starting to occur, including abnormalities such as early warning signs of oral cancer, increasing the likelihood of successful treatment, should you be at risk.

Prioritising your oral health

By putting dental check-ups on your list of priorities, you are ensuring optimum oral and general health. Bad oral hygiene adversely effects the general health of your body, including heart health. Investing in 2 visits a year to your dentist really is good sense.

Don’t delay your dental visit

You’re busy, with the kids, with family, with work, with attempting to have some kind of social life. There just isn’t time to fit in things like a dental appointment, right? Well actually fitting in a dental check-up with your dentist in Buckinghamshire is one way you can save yourself some time. That may sound nonsensical at first but good dental care will help you avoid dental disease. Avoiding dental disease means avoiding unnecessary pain and visits to the dentist to get treatment.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireDental care today is all about prevention. At Garden View Dental Care, we want you to hang onto your natural teeth for as long as possible and enjoy healthy smiles for a lifetime. Believe it or not, we don’t want to see you in the dental chair any more often than is necessary.

Keeping disease at bay

When you visit us, your dentist in Buckinghamshire, we can advise you on how best to look after your teeth at home. This includes oral hygiene habits, how to brush properly and your diet. Our hygienist will also give your teeth a good clean, scale and polish, removing plaque and tartar that your toothbrush can’t handle. This will reduce your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

Keeping a close eye

Our Buckinghamshire dentist will check your teeth, gums and oral tissues carefully for the early signs of disease. We can spot these signs before you feel any pain, ensuring you get treatment as soon as possible and avoid the need for more complex interventions.

Keeping you in the loop

Whether you come to us for a dental check-up or treatment for any number of dental conditions, from missing, crooked or sensitive teeth to root canal therapy, we’ll keep you informed of exactly what is going on and what to expect. We won’t ever rush you, so you can feel comfortable asking as many questions as you need.

Your dental health is our top priority and we’ll work with you to keep it in good shape. So, get in touch today and look forward to better dental health for years to come.

Dental terminology explained

When you visit us at Garden View Dental Care, we are conscious of the fact that the better informed you are about any check-ups or treatments, the more comfortable you will be. That’s why we do not use jargon or technical terminology or, if we must, we back it up with clear explanations. Please feel free to ask us any questions before, during or after your treatment if there is anything you think could be clearer. We welcome any feedback and the chance to improve your patient experience when you visit the dentist in Buckinghamshire.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireHere we explore some common terms that are used quite often during a general visit to the dentist in Buckinghamshire.


You have a set of teeth at the top of your mouth and one at the bottom. Each of these is called an ‘arch’. They are usually referred to as the upper or lower arch. If you need a full denture, this can also be referred to as an arch.


Bonding is a common dental term that can refer to the way a prosthetic is attached or the way a tooth is repaired. Composite bonding is when resin or another suitable material is used to make repairs or cosmetic improvements to the teeth. It can be used to fix cracks and chips as well as cover stains.


This is a word you are likely to have heard and you know it’s bad when the dentist uses it about your teeth. Cavities are effectively holes in your teeth that are caused by decay. They are more common in children’s teeth. Once they have appeared, they need clearing and filling to stop them getting worse and needing more extensive repairs.

Dental practice

At Garden View Dental Care, we have a whole team to support you when you visit the dentist in Buckinghamshire. Our dental practice has a couple of dentists, a hygienist, a dental nurse and our receptionist. We are all standing by to support your dental health.


There are lots of reasons why people have teeth extracted. Sometimes it is because the tooth is no longer functional but other times it might be to reduce overcrowding or make room for realignment.