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Does a broken tooth need an emergency dentist appointment? Read on to find out!

It is a subject that can make even the toughest person cringe- the idea of having a sudden, unbearable pain underneath one of your teeth.


In the UK, dental emergencies are no laughing matter, with almost every dental surgery dedicating certain time slots each day to managing them. And, if you have ever needed one of those appointments, you’d also know that there is nothing funny about them too.

But unlike other medical emergencies, few dental patients are actually aware of what constitutes an emergency trip to their local dentists.

At Garden View, our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire is trained to handle any issue that you bring to us with care and professionalism, allowing you to leave our surgery feeling better, with any painful issues resolved. We pride ourselves on being able to offer emergency dental appointments each day, meaning you won’t have to wait long to be seen by a member of our team. Perfect!

But what are some of the issues that require a visit to our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire?

Swelling of the neck, face or mouth

Swelling to the face, neck or mouth is one of the most common occurrences that our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire sees. And, even if you notice a swelling in these areas that doesn’t hurt, you still require an emergency appointment.

Swelling could be indicative of a number of serious dental issues, such as infections, abscesses or even an impacted tooth trying to erupt. While the swelling may not initially hurt, our dental team will almost unanimously agree that it won’t stay painless for long, so best to book an appointment as soon as you notice it.

Extreme discomfort

Obviously, one of the main reasons anybody asks for an emergency dental appointment is because they are in discomfort.

Be aware that there are different types of discomfort when it comes to teeth, with feelings such as throbbing, burning, pulsing or sensitivity all pointing to an issue that requires urgent care.

Fractured teeth

A common occurrence for people who play sport are fractured, broken, chipped or even cracked teeth that need to be urgently seen by our team.

While this may seem minor in comparison to swellings or abscesses, an untreated crack in your enamel can allow bacteria to infiltrate the pulp of your tooth, which can lead to infections and intense discomfort. As a cracked tooth can be repaired with a simple application of composite, why not opt for the easier option?

Ulcers which have not healed

Ulcers in the mouth can indicate a heavy-handed approach to brushing, stress or can point to something more worrying.

If you have had an ulcer on your gums or on your inner cheeks which has not healed, book an appointment with our team as soon as possible for an urgent assessment.


And finally, if you have recently had a tooth knocked out of your mouth due to blunt force trauma, you will need a same-day appointment to prevent infection and close the gap.

Seeking an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire

Unscheduled dental care is classed into two categories within which you need to fit in order to see a same-day emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire; emergency or urgent. If your personal situation can wait until the next available appointment then we do not regard it as either an emergency or urgent and we will make an appointment for you when possible. These two classifications are set out in a guideline by the NHS to ensure that each person is seen according to the severity of their needs, and if your health may be further put at risk due to a dental emergency, then an unscheduled appointment may be granted to you


Types of emergencies

It is very important to take note that any dental situation that has caused swelling in the eye or throat needs to be seen immediately, as ignoring such a problem may lead to suffocation or loss of vision. If there is excessive bleeding that you cannot seem to stop, particularly if this has occurred after a tooth extraction, then we need to see you immediately in order to stop the bleeding and find out why it started. The following possible circumstances may also require an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire:

Tooth/face abscess

This is when an infection in the tooth pulp causes a pocket of pus to fill under the tooth or in the gum, if it is left untreated it can spread to the ear or throat. If you have an abscess you will probably be in an extreme amount of pain and sometimes it may rupture, causing bleeding and this needs to be seen immediately in order to stop the infection from spreading. Antibiotics and pain medication may be prescribed in order to manage an abscess until it is gone.

Knocked-out teeth

Knocked out teeth may be saved if you receive treatment quickly, we advise that you collect your tooth if you can find it and keep it moist in your mouth until we can replace it. Ice can help lower swelling in the area while you are waiting to be seen by our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire.

Broken crowns or teeth

You will need to make an urgent appointment with your dentist if a crown has broken or come off, as it will be opening the tooth up to a serious infection. If you have a broken or cracked tooth, it is likely that your pain levels are very high and we can help take care of that, as well as fix the tooth in order to keep it free from further infection.

Chipped tooth

Sometimes you can wait to get a chipped tooth fixed, and other times you cannot. This can be decided under particular circumstances, specifically whether the chipped tooth may risk cutting the cheeks or lips, as this could cause further complications.

Bleeding and soft tissue damage Damage to the cheeks or gums that will not stop bleeding needs to be seen with all due haste, as wounds that will not close can be at risk of getting infected and too much blood loss can be a danger as well.

Emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire

We at Garden View aim to make every experience at our practice a good one for all our patients. We know that facing a dental emergency can be a panicky time for many people who are in pain, are concerned about the look of their broken smile or are even nervous about dentists. This can be on top of having experienced a facial trauma that warrants an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire. But we take these unscheduled appointments in our stride to make you feel as comfortable and as reassured as possible that you are in good hands, and that we will do everything we can to restore your smile and oral health.


What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is something that absolutely cannot wait for a regular appointment, something that has severe bleeding and/or pain, as well as injuries that put the rest of the mouth at risk or the future of your health at risk if they are not seen immediately, these can include several instances.

Swelling – Severe swelling in the jaw, eye area, or throat after dental surgery or facial trauma is very risky and is considered an emergency that needs to be seen to immediately, do not hesitate to call our practice if you experience unexpected swelling.

Knocked-out tooth – If a tooth has been knocked out it may still be able to be re-implanted and restored to its former position if you are able to find the tooth and bring it into your emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire as soon as possible. If you do manage to do this, try to keep the tooth moist in your mouth in order to keep it alive so that we can put it back in. Applying ice to the outside of the face to reduce swelling in the area and pressure to stop the bleeding can greatly help your chances of restoration.

Bleeding – Bleeding that will not abate, especially following a tooth extraction surgery or due to a cut in the mouth is something that needs to be seen immediately and without hesitation.

Chipped or broken teeth – A chipped tooth can sometimes wait for a regular appointment, however, if that tooth is putting the rest of the mouth at risk by cutting open the lips or cheeks then it needs to be seen to. Broken or cracked teeth can be incredibly painful and may need to be attended to with all due haste in order to avoid an infection entering the tooth’s pulp.

Pain – Tooth pain that does not go away with over-the-counter pain medication and causes you to be incapable of functioning normally can be rather urgent, and we recommend you call into your emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire to make an emergency appointment to try to sort out the cause of your pain.

Burst abscess – This may involve a severe amount of bleeding as well as pus and needs to be taken care of immediately, an abscess can spread the infection to the rest of your body and even cause septicemia which is why it is important to seek emergency dental care for the sake of your future health.

Need an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire quickly?

Whether you have broken or chipped your tooth as a result of a recent accident, or you have recently developed a painful toothache, call the Garden View Dental Care clinic today, to look after all of your dental needs. In these cases, we recommend our patients seek our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire as soon as possible. That way, you can alleviate your pain faster, and we can restore the damaged area better. If you are one of those unlucky patients that has had a tooth knocked out, it is essential to visit us sooner rather than later for a better chance of reimplanting the knocked-out tooth.


Needing an emergency dentist can be a stressful process; that is why here at Garden View Dental Care, we pride ourselves on ensuring patient calmness. When choosing us, you are not only choosing a dental appointment, but an experience. Our garden view is one of the many conditions we have decided on to allow our patients to feel relaxed and that they are in competent hands.

What to expect

Patients coming to the emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire can expect a professional and well-established process. There are five main phases of visiting an emergency dentist:

  1. A thorough examination of the damaged area. The examination includes dental X-rays for determining the extent of the damage.
  2. If you are in severe pain, we will use local anaesthetic to numb the region and alleviate it.
  3. A crucial step in treating the injured area will be the sterilisation of it. This reduces the risk of infection in the affected region.
  4. Depending on the state of it, you can expect the damaged tooth to be restored, either temporarily or permanently.
  5. In the more severe cases, the damaged tooth may need to be removed. In this case, dental implants and other options will be discussed.

The process is quick, and patients have said that the treatment is “fantastic”. One patient has even said they have, “never felt so relaxed in the dentist’s chair”.

Benefits of emergency dentistry

The benefits of emergency dentistry are manifold and life-changing. Preserving the remaining tooth structure is of an advantage when it comes to broken teeth. If there is some tooth left, a possible option is a relatively minor surgery where the crown is lengthened without further surgery on the dental root, which means less recovery time.

Another benefit of being seen quickly by our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire is the reduced risk of infection. Infection is always a real risk to your teeth and overall health. That is why adequate oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing, is necessary. However, a broken tooth can increase the likelihood of an infection to occur in the pulp. Furthermore, an infection in the pulp (the inside of the tooth) can cause tooth decay and tooth loss. A tooth infection can even spread to the rest of the body, making the patient very sick. This is another reason why seeing an emergency dentist is essential when warranted. Going to see an emergency dentist when needed, can have an overall, long-term effect on your oral health. Many studies suggest a link between healthy teeth and life expectancy. By maintaining your oral health and seeking treatment when issues arise, you can improve the quality of your life, throughout its duration.

Unsure if your toothache needs urgent attention? 5 ways to spot a dental emergency with Garden View

It is a common situation that no-one wants to find themselves in.


You are going about your day, as normal, take a sip of coffee and boom! You are hit with a sudden and sharp pain under your tooth. While you could chalk it up to having overly sensitive teeth, that tooth has been doing that for a few days now, and the discomfort is getting worse.

As mentioned before, situations such as this are surprisingly common, but leave many dental patients in a bit of a quagmire; is it a dental emergency? Or, could you just go home, take some painkillers and get on with it? Unless you have had this exact issue before, it can be hard to know what type of treatment is warranted.

At Garden View, our team treats dental emergencies every day and we even set aside scheduled slots each day to see those who need a same-day appointment. Our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield will aim to resolve any discomfort by the time you leave the surgery, allowing you to get on with your day as usual! It is just that simple!

But, back to the initial conundrum; how do you know if you need to see our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield? Below are 5 indicators of a dental emergency emergency dentist in Beaconsfield.


It goes without saying that if you notice your face, gum, or jawline is becoming swollen, you need to see our as soon as you can.

Along with being unsightly, swelling indicates inflammation, which could be caused by an infection or damage to the jaw or root of the tooth.


As they are your teeth and gums, you will probably be aware of which teeth are prone to being a bit more sensitive.

While minor sensitivity does require the attention of a dentist, if you are hit with sudden and extreme sensitivity, this is a sign that the root of your tooth is exposed. An exposed root is never a good thing to cope with and so, our team can assess the damage to your tooth and recover the nerve.


Do your gums look a darker shade of pink or red? Is there some blue or purple accompanied by a swelling?


OK, so an obvious symptom of a dental emergency is discomfort.

Broken teeth

An often overlooked dental emergency is that of broken or chipped teeth.

Even if you are in no discomfort, you need to see our team; a cracked or broken tooth is a gateway for bacteria to get into your tooth and cause all kinds of problems. Please don’t risk it!

Unsure if you need an emergency appointment with our dentist? Five symptoms to look out for!

Is that toothache not going away? Have you woken up and half of your face is swollen?

Don’t panic!


As odd as it may sound, dental emergencies are extremely commonplace. Indeed, in the UK alone, the majority of dental surgeries offer same-day appointments to those with dental pain, meaning that there is a high demand for this service!

But, how do you know if your toothache or swelling requires a same-day trip to the dentist? Is discomfort an accurate measurement of urgency? Surprisingly, no.

At Garden View, our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield will aim to see you on the same day as you make a call to us. Our team will aim to treat you gently and quickly, so you will leave our surgery feeling better than when you first arrived. After all, life doesn’t stop for dental emergencies and neither should you!

But how do you know if you require an appointment to see our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield? Read on to spot the telltale signs.


While this is not a sure-fire indicator of a dental emergency, it is usually a symptom that our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield sees the most frequently.

When you notice a sore, throbbing or pulsing pain under or near a tooth, you need to come in and see our team. In the meantime, take anti-inflammatory painkillers and avoid drinking hot or cold beverages. Also, we recommend using an ice pack to the throat and chin to alleviate any associated swelling.


As mentioned before, a swelling usually accompanies a sore tooth; but what if it doesn’t?

If you notice a sudden or gradual swelling to your gum, jaws or neck, contact our team immediately. This could be indicative of an impacted tooth or even be the first symptom of an abscess forming, so it’s best to get that sorted quickly! Even if your tooth isn’t painful.

Lost filling or crown

Commonly seen with older fillings and crowns that are made of metal, a lost filling or crown may or may not feel painful.

Once a filling or crown is gone, your tooth will feel sharp and may be sensitive or more tender to pressure. Or it may not be uncomfortable, but a loose or lost filling or crown can allow bacteria access to the pulp of the tooth. And, as any dentist will tell you, an infected pulp is much harder to treat and is more painful to manage. Don’t risk it!


If you have been in an accident or playing sports and there is a consistent flow of blood from your oral area, you need to see our dentist as soon as you can.

Blood loss is never a good thing and an open cut in the mouth may become infected. Our team will aim to identify the cause and stop the bleeding.

Orthodontic attachments

Braces are amazing but sometimes, brackets can detach and wires can snap. Oh dear! If you encounter either of these problems, see an emergency dental team and book an orthodontist appointment too!

Think discomfort is the only sign of a dental emergency? Read on to learn about the more subtle indicators

When going about day to day life, most people know how to accurately identify an emergency; if you see a fire, it’s an emergency. Just saw someone get hit by a car? You call an emergency service!


Of course, these are all obvious examples. But, looking at more subtle signs, like that chip in your tooth from last week’s rugby game; is that an emergency?

It is easy to assume that one of the main signs of an emergency related to teeth is discomfort.

However, there are indeed more subtle signs which can highlight the need for a same-day appointment, many of which are overlooked by dental patients.

At Garden View, we know it can be hard to identify when a tooth needs urgent treatment or can wait a few weeks. But, if you do need a same-day appointment, our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield will be able to slot you in. Our surgery leaves appointments open each day to accommodate dental emergencies, and so, if you need an urgent appointment, you can count on us!

But what are some of the more subtle signs that you need to see our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield? Read on to find out our top five!

Aching and bleeding gums

If you like to brush hard or get a bit too into it when flossing, then some minor amounts of bleeding may be considered normal to you; while you may need to see our hygienist for some top-up sessions in the correct flossing or brushing techniques, this is not an emergency.

However, if your gums ache or bleed a lot after you brush, you need to see our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield. This can indicate an excessive amount of bacteria on the gum line which, if left unchecked, can get under your gums and cause issues like abscesses or even tooth loss.

Loose tooth or teeth

Indicative of either damage to the jaw or nerve, a loose tooth should never be overlooked in an adult.

It may also indicate that you are experiencing severe gingivitis or another type of oral infection. If left unchecked, any of these conditions will get worse and cause further havoc in your mouth!

Metallic taste in your mouth

An interesting symptom associated with older, metal-based fillings, a prominent metallic taste in your mouth may point to either a cracked or damaged filling.

Urgent dental care is required, as this could lead to further cavities forming or even a dental infection.

Bruised feeling in your jaw

If you notice a sensation that is similar to a bruise, this could be the first stage of an abscess forming.

Of course, this needs urgent attention, as the discomfort will worsen and the infection may spread and become harder to treat.

Chips and cracks

A common occurrence, both chipped and cracked teeth left untreated are more susceptible to decay and can cause dental infections. If you notice a chipped tooth, even if it isn’t causing discomfort, see our emergency dental team immediately!

What are the benefits of choosing an emergency dentist?

As dental emergencies are often unexpected occurrences, and accompanied by intense pain and discomfort, having a reputable dental practitioner available to provide reliable dental care should be every patient’s top priority. And these emergencies usually require professional dental attention. Even though a knocked-out tooth may not seem like an emergency situation; it is. It has been found that a single missing tooth can have dire consequences for the entire mouth structure which will have consequences further down the line. At Garden View dental clinic we have an Emergency Dentist in Beaconsfield to provide dental care in critical situations. We encourage patients to put appropriate plans in place to protect their oral health for when professional dental attention is required and they are under undue stress and pain.


An Emergency Dentist in Beaconsfield is a dental practitioner specifically trained to provide critical dental care. The timely actions and skills of our Emergency Dentist in Beaconsfield can not only ease the discomfort of the patient but may save him or her from the additional costs of replacement treatments. Consider for a moment the difference in costs if a natural tooth is saved (this is highly possible if proper dental care is sought as a matter of urgency) instead of having an artificial restoration.

3 Reasons to seek dental care from an emergency dentist

  • Professional dental care

A dental clinic offering urgent dental care will be staffed by experienced professionals with the proper skills and knowledge and have the relevant dental tools to take care of any dental emergency.

  • Treat the source of the pain or problem quickly

With their intimate knowledge of oral structures, a dental practitioner is best placed to get to the root of the dental issue quicker than a general medical professional would. This means that a patient spends less time in pain or discomfort.

  • Prevent further compromised oral health

A gum infection may not seem like an overly worrying condition. Yes, there may be some discomfort but patients often make the wrong choice of pushing through this discomfort until they cannot handle it anymore. We do not encourage this approach.  Swollen or tender gums may not seem life-threatening but ignoring the problem could cause it to escalate, and progress to a more advanced stage that threatens the health of natural teeth as well as impacting one’s overall physical health.

 No one likes the thought of a dental emergency which is perhaps why so many patients do not have plans in place to deal with one when it occurs. It is the general consensus among all our patients that dental emergencies are inconveniences we could do without. The best way to reduce the associated stress experienced by the patient and their loved ones is to know beforehand that quality professional dental care is available if it is needed.

 It is always best for patients to take the responsible road to ensure their dental health. If you are not sure whether the situation necessitates urgent dental care; consult a dentist. Get quality dental care in times of an emergency. Find out how we at Garden View dental clinic can help. Contact us today.

Got a dental emergency? What you can expect from our emergency dentist at Garden View Dental Care

Have you been experiencing an unrelenting pain under one of your teeth all day at work? Did one of your fillings fall out at 2 am?


Dental emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. While most people don’t want to imagine themselves being in a distressing amount of pain due to dental issues, it is always important that you know what to do should such an eventuality occur.

At Garden View Dental Care, we are extremely proud of our onsite emergency dentist in Beaconsfield and are able to offer anyone who is in intense discomfort a same-day appointment. Our team will take the time to see you as soon as possible and take extra care when examining your mouth and teeth.

What can you expect if you call our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield?

Thorough examination

Many people have some idea of what may be causing their dental emergency; if you have excessive discomfort, swelling and pressure under a tooth, you probably have an abscess.

Regardless, our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield will take extra time and care to conduct a thorough examination of your mouth to determine what is causing the issue.

Once the examination is over, our team will decide on the quickest course of action to relieve any discomfort or pressure you are experiencing.

Pain relief

While it is common to be worried about needles at the dentist, many people who are experiencing extreme discomfort are relieved when they are offered pain relief in the dental chair.

Our emergency team is dedicated to getting you out of pain as soon as possible and will take extra care to ensure that any injection you receive is not in a tender area of your mouth.


At Garden View Dental, we often see emergency patients who are experiencing a dental abscess, a chipped or cracked tooth or a lost filling.

While it may seem odd to our patients, our emergency team will always sterilise any affected area or tooth in the mouth, to eliminate and kill any bacteria that may be lurking. This will help increase your overall recovery time and will prevent the likelihood of any infection forming or returning.

Restoration (if applicable) or extraction

If you have lost a filling or a crown, when you visit our dental team, we will aim to restore your tooth either temporarily or permanently. If we offer you a temporary restoration, it is important that you visit your regular dentist to have the restoration completed.

If you have severe decay or your tooth is broken beyond repair, we will remove it and ensure that any potential infection is treated swiftly and painlessly.


Depending on why you came to visit our emergency dental team, we may offer you aftercare in the form of a mouthwash, antibiotics or toothpaste to take home.

Remember, if we state you need to visit your regular dentist to complete any treatment we have started, please ensure that you do as soon as you can.

How an emergency dentist in Beaconsfield can help you

Everyone’s nightmare scenario is a problem occurring with their teeth and the practice is either closed or there are no immediate appointments available. In that situation we would recommend that you make an appointment with our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield.

emergency-dentist-beaconsfieldFor those who are unsure what we can help out with at short notice we’ve comprised a short list.

Perform temporary repairs

One of the main reasons you would see our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield is if you require temporary repairs to keep things in place until your regular appointment can be made. This can involve things such as providing a cover for a tooth that’s chipped or inserting a filling that your normal dentist can complete later on.

Short-notice repairs are pretty common for patients that are involved in a lot of sports or situations where damage to the teeth has a high chance of occuring. To limit the need for these types of appointments in the future we would also recommend a mouthguard to be worn, to protect your teeth from further damage.

Emergency diagnosis of symptoms

Another example of when an emergency visit may be needed is if you require someone to diagnose a problem with your teeth immediately. This could cover situations such as sudden sharp pain that doesn’t subside with painkillers or lasts for more than 24 hours, persistent bleeding of gums or sores that prevent you from eating or drinking.

At Garden View Dental Care our team will get to the root of your problem fast, to help alleviate your symptoms and get you back on the road to recovery.

Recommendation for further treatment

In some more extreme cases our emergency team can also recommend you have further treatment if it’s necessary. This can involve things such as X-rays, the introduction of a specialised treatment or an additional practitioner for a separate procedure.

Dental surgery

In the same vein as temporary repairs, in the event that you require immediate dental surgery our emergency practitioners can step in to help you. This may be in situations such as badly damaged teeth that a quick repair won’t fix, or if a tooth has become diseased and is causing a lot of pain or other health problems.

Repairs for orthodontics

But it’s not just teeth, in the event that you damage a set of braces or dentures our team can step in to help fix them. This could be things like a broken bracket or wiring that may have snapped or become snagged and damaged, or for denture wearers if there are any cracks or breaks that crop up and you do not have a replacement set readily available.

These are just a few situations where one of our team can help you in an emergency. If you’re in need of any of the examples we listed above, then do not hesitate to get in contact with us as the sooner we can help you, the better off you will be. If you’re not sure that your situation warrants an emergency appointment then call and check, our team will be happy to alleviate any concerns you may have.