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I am new in Beaconsfield. What can I expect from dentalcare here?

Welcome to Beaconsfield! Dental care at Garden View Dental Care offers you high standards of comfort, treatment, staff experience and equipment. Every patient is important to us and we treat you like we would like to be treated when we go to see someone for dental work.

We do our best to make your first visit with our professional and efficient dental team relaxing, comfortable and informative.

dentist-in-BeaconsfieldWhen you arrive at our Beaconsfield dental practice you will be able to park outside the building, and, if you need it, we have disabled access to both dental surgeries. Our Practice Manager Mrs Makhani will welcome you to our practice and complete your registration with us. This will include an up to date medical history, which we kindly request you bring with you.

After you have been welcomed, you will be shown to our comfortable and relaxing dental waiting area, which has a wide range of magazines and complimentary Wi-Fi for you to enjoy.

Dr Makhani will welcome you to the Garden View Suite, which offers a beautiful view to our garden at our Beaconsfield dental surgery.

Your initial dental consultation will last approximately 30 minutes and will include acomplete dental history assessment and review; soft tissue cancer screening; discussion of any specific concerns and future goals; low radiation and instant digital x-rays; and digital photos of your teeth and smile.

We will then discuss the findings and make recommendations. To help with your understanding of the dental treatment options, this may include viewing specific sites using an intra-oral camera and any relevant x-rays, leading to an informed decision on your dental care. A written estimate and dental treatment plan tailored to your requirements will then be provided. Further appointments can be arranged at your convenience.

Our patients are very important to us and you can be confident that we will always listen to your needs and requirements and keep you fully informed as treatment progresses.

If you would like to book an appointment, then please feel free to contact our team.Appointments can be made by calling our practice on 01494 674857, emailing us on, stopping by the practice or requesting an appointment through our website. Our receptionist will contact you and arrange a convenient appointment.

Where do I go for good dental care in Buckinghamshire?

In Buckinghamshire, dental care from Garden View Dental Care is the choice of many of the townspeople. Here at Garden View, Buckinghamshire, dental care provided by warm, friendly, caring staff with a wealth of experience means you can relax and enjoy the experience knowing that you are receiving high quality dental treatment.

dental-care-in-BuckinghamshireDental visits are something that many people avoid, for fear of pain and discomfort. Some even go for many years without receiving dental care.

At Garden View we do our utmost to ensure that your visits to us are a pleasant and enjoyable dental experience. We welcome you with friendliness and your visits take place in a modern dental environment with an exceptional garden view. While you are waiting for your appointment, you can relax in sofas and armchairs our heated (in winter) or air-conditioned (in summer) reception area, and browse through a wide range of the latest newspaper and magazines. If you are more a screen-reader or you need to work while you wait, we also offer free Wi-Fi. Once into your appointment, you can continue to relax, knowing that our dental work is carried out with cutting edge equipment, and that we will not carry out any dental work until after our dental staff have discussed your treatment with you and you have agreed which dental options best suit you.

The treatments we offer

In Buckinghamshire, dental treatments that we offer cover the full range of services, from early decay detection and oral hygiene maintenance through to advanced treatment such as root canal therapy, veneers and implant dentistry.

But enough about what we say about our dental work. What do our patients say? You can read testimonials on our work on our website at People often feel very happy with the treatment and write testimonials about the positive changes in the confidence of their family members!

While you are in our care we will show you just how important your oral health is in relation to your general health. We look forward not only to helping you achieve the best smile and freshest breath but also to giving you excellent long-term health. Contact us at 01464 674857, or email us at

Coffee, Tea, and Your Teeth

It is getting colder now, which means it’s the season of even more warm cups of tea once again. While it’s extremely comforting to stay in during the cold season and put the kettle on, a recent study is saying otherwise.

garden viewSugary drinks are bad for the teeth, as even the simplest structure of sugar is capable of deteriorating dental enamel. Garden View is here today to tell you about the other dangers of too much tea.

It’s Not So nice After All

According to a report, a hot cup of tea could potentially cause cracks in the surface of the teeth. This is especially true if you are coming in from a cold, because the body is most vulnerable to all kinds of extremes—in this case, a cup of tea a little too hot for the dentin.

The superficial cracks are caused by the rapid changes in temperature around the teeth. Extreme heat can stress the enamel, resulting in a crack. Although barely visible to the eye, the crack can become deeper and even enter the dentine, which can cause sensitivity.

If severe, the crack may also damage the pulp or nerve within the tooth, causing infection or an abscess.

It can also become a cosmetic problem, as coffee, red wine and other coloured drinks and food can stain the crack, causing it to become more noticeable and obvious. Like stepping on thin ice, the effects are cumulative: the more hot tea you sip, the deeper the crack gets and the more vulnerable the dentin becomes.

If tea is too difficult for you to give up, consider taking it in moderation this season or wearing a scarf over your mouth to warm the air you breathe. It will also help you adjust to the change if you consult with our team of dentists to guide you through the risks of seemingly harmless daily activities.

Contact us today to learn more about the necessary measures to protect your teeth during this season.