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Want to correct a minor issue with your smile? FAQs about clear braces in Buckinghamshire answered

When you look at photos of yourself or look in the mirror while brushing your teeth, do you ever wish your smile was a bit straighter? Is there a gap you want to be rid of?


In the past, any adult wanting to alter their smile would have been given 2 options by their dentist; either wear heavy, traditional, metal braces for an extended period or simply learn to love their smile. Today, there are options for people who have more complex cases of misalignment, alongside those who just have a single tooth that is out of line.

With many orthodontic treatments being more affordable for adults to undertake, you can get the straighter smile you want without worrying about discretion. In this article, one of the more cosmetic based clear braces in Beaconsfield, Six Month Smiles will be examined, with the top 5 FAQs about this aligner answered. Enjoy!

How does it work in just 6 months?

When you approach your dentist about clear braces in Beaconsfield, you will need to undertake a lengthy assessment to see if you are suitable.

In short, this brace works in 6 months as it is only suitable for people who have cosmetic issues with the teeth at the front of their mouths. For instance, if you have more complex orthodontic issues, these clear braces in Beaconsfield are unlikely to be able to help correct that issue, making them unsuitable.

Can anyone wear a 6-month smile brace?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, no.

If you have minor misalignment, are looking to close a gap or simply have a slightly off centre smile, then you will probably be suitable for Six Month Smile Aligners.

But, if you are looking to alter your bite or have any other complex orthodontic problems, then you are likely to be more suited to a fitted brace with a longer-treatment time.

Will it cause damage to the roots of my teeth?

There is no evidence that the Six Month Smile brace creates any damage to the roots, the teeth or the gums.

In fact, compared to other orthodontic options, it actually has been shown to create fewer issues (if any) with these areas, potentially due to it being worn for a shorter period of time and due to the severity of the issues it is being used to correct.

Does a faster treatment time mean it is more uncomfortable to wear?

You may experience some minor discomfort while wearing the Six Month Smiles braces, but this is normal with all orthodontic appliances.

Any pain that you experience should be manageable with over the counter pain relief. If it isn’t, contact your dentist for an assessment as your braces may not be correctly fitted.

Is it a noticeable brace?

As this brace has a thin metal frame across the front, it is more discreet than traditional metal braces. Therefore, your colleagues, friends and family members should not be able to notice this brace, but it is not completely invisible.

A straight smile with clear braces in Beaconsfield

If a crooked smile has been bugging you for years you may think it unbelievable to be able to straighten it with speed and discretion, but believe us when we say that clear braces in Beaconsfield can help you get there. We at Garden View want to offer you, and other adults like you who have lost confidence due to crooked teeth, the opportunity to straighten any misalignments you have quickly and easily, so that you can get back to embracing life with confidence and the assurance that you are presenting the best smile you can to the world.


The psychology of a beautiful smile

While your teeth may work just fine to bite into and chew food and logically there should be no reason for their crookedness to be irritating you, there is in fact a psychological reason why they are; natural selection. It is ingrained in humans to choose a mate that is ‘of the best stock’ the most attractive and healthy that we can find in order to continue our genes, now attractiveness has an ebb and flow over different generations, but the theory remains the same; we inherently look for the best option available to us. This isn’t just true when it comes to searching for a romantic partner, but it also has an effect on who we prefer to work with, and who we trust with important things, so what does this have to do with teeth?

People in society are constantly making unconscious observations about those around them, observations based on our natural instincts when finding partners. People with good teeth automatically outrank those with seemingly ‘bad teeth.’ These perceptions that society makes based on our smiles are not something we can avoid, which is why so many people are looking to improve their features, starting with the teeth and clear braces in Beaconsfield.

How it works

Invisalign is a system devised with clear aligners that gently push your teeth into the correct position. By using a digital scan of your mouth and teeth, a laboratory is able to create a custom set of aligners for the course of your treatment, each aligner is made slightly different to the last so as to accommodate the new tooth position, as well as continue to push them into place until they are aligned just how you want them to be.


Invisible – as the words ‘clear aligner suggest’, this treatment is completely invisible and no one will even see that you have anything in your mouth, allowing you to partake in orthodontic treatment with discretion, instead of the old methods that would have seen you wearing metal braces for 2 years.

Removable – for those into active-sports lifestyles in their free time, the aligners are completely removable for short periods of time, as well as for eating and cleaning, which allows you to enjoy life as usual without any hindrance.

Quick – for those of you who are in a hurry to fix your smiles, you will be pleased to know that clear braces in Beaconsfield allow you to fix your misalignments quickly without any damage to your natural teeth.

Clear braces in Beaconsfield

You may have heard of Six Month Smiles but just in case you haven’t we are here to tell you that your concerns about straightening your teeth as an adult are no longer anything to worry about. At Garden View, we know that your professional or active life doesn’t really make it possible to walk around for 2 years with unsightly metal tracks on your teeth. For most adults this simply isn’t acceptable but with clear braces in Beaconsfield, we aim to change your perception of orthodontics in order to get you the smile you deserve so that you can step into life with confidence. 


Six Month Smiles

This treatment uses clear aligners to gently push your teeth into position, whether you have crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth, these aligners can transform your smile in a matter of months. Best suited to those who are 16 years of age and older, this removable appliance fits easily into any lifestyle making it easy for you to eat normally and clean your natural teeth as usual without any difficulties. Because the aligners are clear, they are virtually invisible and people will be hard-pressed to even see anything in your mouth, making them ideal for professionals as well as everyone else who wants to discreetly straighten their teeth.

Clear braces in Beaconsfield can take as little as 6 months to give you the simple you are looking for; a set of custom clear aligners will be made for you to use as directed by your dentist so that you get the best possible outcome. Thousands of patients with varying degrees of misalignments have undergone this treatment with huge success, all you need to do is have a discussion with our dentist on how we can best use this method to help you straighten your smile.

Why straight teeth are ideal

Many people are not happy with their crooked teeth and this is due to the underlying psychology behind having straight teeth; in our society, it is believed that straight teeth are an indication of someone with higher social standing, success and even intelligence. While this is of course not true, we cannot change how these unconscious judgements about others and ourselves are made, which is why people opt to have their teeth straightened in the first place.

Other than for aesthetic reasons, to have straight teeth is to have healthier teeth because they are easier to clean, teeth which overlap may store food and bacteria that are difficult to get rid of causing tooth decay and bad breath, while gapped teeth may be a perfect breeding ground for plaque and bacteria. Straight teeth allow for better cleaning. This is a simple medical fact that can not be ignored and with clear braces in Beaconsfield, you can get a healthier smile.

This fast and effective technique is much more affordable than traditional braces and other forms of braces that may be available on the market today, and with many feeling the pinch lately it is something that we recommend for both the health of your smile as well as your pocket.

Fast and effective clear braces in Beaconsfield

Everyone wants straight, healthy, beautiful teeth. A smile that lights up the room. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to acquire the necessary genetics for this to happen. Thankfully braces have become better and more affordable for people to access their best smile. However, during the treatment, some may feel self-conscious with traditional metal tracks and dread the metallic shine in photographs. For these potential patients, there are other options, including clear braces.


Clear braces offer a solution to getting straight teeth while undergoing discreet treatment. The options are often sought by adults and adolescents alike. Some professional working adults do not feel comfortable while wearing traditional fixed appliances in the work environment, such as in meetings and conferences. Similarly, adolescents are often in a particularly sensitive state regarding body image and appearance attending school, and would prefer the clear braces alternative.

What are clear braces?

Clear braces can be any type of orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth, except they are clear. They can be designed similarly to traditional braces, but instead of metal tracks, clear or inconspicuous wires and bands are used. In the category of clear braces are also transparent aligners like Invisalign since they are ‘clear’. In short, clear braces are any treatment that looks clear and straightens teeth. Some of the most common clear braces in Beaconsfield are the ceramic and clear wire braces that offer an alternative to metal. Ceramic braces can treat almost everything that metal braces can treat, except they are less noticeable. Depending on your unique set of teeth, you may qualify for some of our faster treatments.

At Garden View Dental Care we offer Six Month Smiles. The Six Month Smiles treatment is a revolutionary orthodontic system that provides fast and efficient treatment to get you the results that you desire. What we use are tooth-coloured wires that blend into your teeth discreetly. Focusing on the front teeth allows for higher specificity and fast results. The technology applies a light force on your teeth over a relatively short duration to move those front teeth into the right position. On completion of the treatment, you will be provided with a retainer to protect that new found smile. Six Month Smiles have modified traditional therapies and have used the best aspects of braces to solve those crooked front teeth. However, if you have crooked back teeth as well, then we can also propose another ‘clear’ solution.

Invisalign is considered the ‘invisible’ brace. It comes as sets of removable aligners made out of a translucent thermoplastic mould. In the initial consultation, the patient will be assessed to see if they are suitable for the treatment. A digital plan will be made out of the shape of the patient’s teeth using X-rays, digital scans, or even dental impressions. This information will be used to create a 3-D model of the teeth to design the different sets of aligners. The next stage is receiving different aligners to be worn throughout the treatment. The patient will come back to our dentist every six weeks to ensure the treatment is progressing correctly. The last stage is wearing a retainer to keep those straight white teeth in place.


The benefits are clear; straight and healthy teeth, no stress from conspicuous metal brackets, and a life full of bright smiles. So don’t wait, call today about our clear braces in Beaconsfield. At Garden View Dental Care, we care about your teeth.

Curious about treatment with clear braces? Our team at Garden View answers your questions!

There are many benefits to having a straighter set of teeth.


For one thing, you will feel less self-conscious about impromptu photos being taken by friends and family. Your teeth will be much easier to clean and, of course, you will feel more confident when out and about; what’s the downside?

While many adults feel that they are either too old or their teeth are too misaligned to ever be straight, thanks to advances in modern orthodontic techniques, this is no longer the case. Indeed, there are now many different aligners available to help you get that smile that you deserve.

When you come to Garden View, our team will assess the severity of your dental misalignment and devise a treatment plan specifically for you. Well known for our experience in adult orthodontics, our team may suggest that you undertake treatment with clear braces in Buckinghamshire. One of our more popular aligners, the Six Months Smile brace, could get you that straighter smile in under 6 months! Perfect!

Is there a catch? How likely is it that these clear braces in Buckinghamshire will leave you with a radiant smile? The answers to these questions, and others, are answered below! Enjoy!

Will Six Month Smiles really straighten my teeth?

As with most adult orthodontic procedures, the Six Month Smiles aligner may be able to straighten your teeth, depending on the severity of the misalignment.

Of course, it is worth noting that these clear braces in Buckinghamshire are not suited to correcting more complex cases of misalignment or malocclusion, and are therefore considered purely cosmetic. So, if you want a straighter smile to boost your confidence, our team will assess your suitability for this brace.

Do they hurt?

Many people worry that an accelerated treatment time means more force being applied and thus, more discomfort.

However, this brace does not use excessive force to move your teeth and relies on gentle pushing to move them into their new positions. So, if you notice any discomfort while wearing the Six Month Smiles aligner, contact our team for a check-up.

Can I take them out?

No, this brace is a fitted, clear aligner, meaning it is attached to your teeth with clear brackets.

This is important to allow the brace to work in such a short time span and iit will have no noticeable impact on your smile during the span of the treatment.

Do they really work in six months?

In many cases, this brace works in under six months!

Remember, the treatment length will depend on the severity of your misalignment and so, while this treatment takes an average of six months, you may need to wear the brace for slightly longer.

Is there a catch?

Not that we know of!

To undertake treatment with the Six Month Smiles aligner, you need to be over the age of 16 and our team can offer you a flexible payment plan to cover all costs. So, what are you waiting for?

Is Six Month Smiles the brace for you? Look at our top five FAQs from Garden View to find out!

There are many benefits related to adulthood.

The freedom of being an adult is mesmerising, but when it comes to issues like health care, there are more than a few problems.


One of the downsides of adult life is that you have to pay for dental work and, if you have a misaligned smile and need braces, this is far from ideal.

Many adults snort at the idea of wearing a brace or aligner; after all, braces are for children and can seriously impact your appearance and confidence – who is their right mind would want that?

So, before you say no to your dentist about wearing a brace as an adult, consider first that there are a wider variety of options available in adult orthodontics.

At Garden View, we can offer our adult patients a variety of orthodontic treatments, including clear braces in Buckinghamshire. Perfect for correcting a more complex problem, the Six Months Smile brace that we use is a fast and painless way to straighten your teeth without fuss.

But before you decide to call our team to book these clear braces in Buckinghamshire, you probably have some questions. Our dental team answers the top five FAQs about this adult orthodontic option.

Does this brace really only take six months?

It’s in the name!

These clear braces in Buckinghamshire use the most advanced technology and techniques to straighten your teeth quickly.

Six Month Smiles are not orthodontic braces and should not be used to correct complex misalignments. For instance, if your molars do not sit correctly when you close your mouth, this brace is not suited for correcting that issue. So, talk to our team at Garden View to see if you are suitable for this brace.

Is this brace comfortable?


Six Month Smiles do not apply force or pressure to the teeth or jaw and work with a sliding option. Simply put, your teeth will have more freedom to move about while being straightened.

Will it damage my teeth?

No brace should ever damage your teeth!

As this brace requires no extraction of teeth to work correctly, there will be less damage to your teeth than would be required for a traditional brace and so, no, Six Month Smiles will not damage your teeth. If you notice damage caused by this brace, call our team immediately.

Am I suitable for treatment with Six Month Smiles?

This is tough to answer, but assuming you are over eighteen years of age, want to correct a cosmetic issue at the front of your mouth and do not require any extensive dental re-arrangement, then it is likely you will be suitable; for more information, contact our dental team.

Will I need a retainer?

With every brace or aligner, a retainer is required after treatment to ensure that your teeth do not revert back to their original positions.

Our team at Garden View will be able to give you either a removable retainer or a fitted one; custom-fitted and totally free! Brilliant!

Need straighter teeth in a hurry? Come to Garden View for fast orthodontics options today!

When most adults hear the word ‘brace’ they shudder; they have either worn a traditional, orthodontic one as a child or they knew someone who did. When surveyed, the majority of adults have stated that even if they were able to get a straighter smile, they would not be willing to undertake treatment with an orthodontic aligner.


We don’t blame them! Traditional aligners are metal, can be very uncomfortable after they are tightened and, of course, they are far from discreet. And this is before we get to the period of treatment time people often wear them for; no adult really has time for that!

Luckily, if you want to straighten your teeth promptly without attracting unwanted attention, there is an answer!

At Garden View, our team is knowledgeable about every type of adult aligner and can offer the majority of our patients clear braces in Buckinghamshire. With our most popular aligner being the Six Month Smile system, we can guarantee that you will have a straighter smile in under a year; perfect if you have some important photos coming up!

But why should you choose these clear braces in Buckinghamshire over other types of adult aligners? Read on to find out!

Fast treatment

With the Six Month Smile clear braces in Buckinghamshire, you should have a straighter smile in, well, six months.

Due to how this brace works and the fact that it is targeted to straighten the teeth located at the front of the mouth, the treatment is accelerated, meaning that there is no time wasted with tightening, adjustments or hygienist trips.


Of course, as with most adult orthodontic options, the time you wear the brace for will impact on the overall price that you pay.

When it comes to Six Months Smiles, many of our patients at Garden View are surprised at how cost-effective this aligner is, especially when compared to other adult braces. You can get a straighter smile with this system, without putting too much pressure on your finances!


As adults, a lot of our day to day life relies on our appearance, which is why many adults shudder when their dentist recommends braces to them.

The Six Month Smile aligner is a fitted brace but, unlike traditional orthodontic alternatives, it is visually discreet, comprising of a thin piece of wire and either enamel coloured or clear brackets. No one will see them unless you point to them!!

Great results

The bit you’ve been waiting for, the results of this aligner.

While the Six Month Smile system is not for everyone, our patients who have undertaken treatment with it have reported a straightened smile, in less time, that lasts. Provided you follow all of the aftercare that our team provides for you after using this system, that straighter smile will last you the rest of your life; what more could you ask for?

Want to discover if you are a suitable candidate for Six Month Smiles? Call a member of our friendly team today!

Why clear braces are a practical consideration for senior patients

Clear Braces in Buckinghamshire no longer belong to the realm of teenagers and young adults. Patients in their senior years can also benefit from viable orthodontic treatments. With age the body undergoes all sorts of changes and the mouth structures are no different.  Patients may have previously had a gleaming set of straight teeth but the situation can change as they get older. Some of the common dental issues many older patients experience include excessive tooth wear, teeth shifting out of alignment, and the formation of gaps.


Modern healthcare has contributed to longer lifespans. Senior patients are living longer and are often more engaged in social activities in their retirement years.  Self-confidence can play a significant part in socially active lifestyles – self-confidence that can be boosted by straight smiles and healthy teeth.

Orthodontic care offers a lot more than just aesthetic value

Orthodontic concerns, such as overcrowding or misaligned bites, have an impact on oral health that goes beyond cosmetice value. There are associated issues that include tooth decay, the loss of bone quality, and lack of adequate gum support.  It is primarily for these reasons that we encourage senior patients to seek professional dental treatments at a reputable dental clinic. Here are a few more  ways dental braces can help patients in their senior years.

  • Improved mouth function

Clear Braces in Buckinghamshire can be used to promote oral functions. A key benefit is better chewing efficiency. When teeth do not align properly, this can result in reduced chewing functionality and restrictions placed on what one can eat.

  • Proper maintenance

Correct teeth alignment improves a patient’s ability to  better take care of their oral health. It is easier to clean straighter teeth than it is to clean crooked teeth. With more effective cleaning, teeth are less likely to see the appearance of cavities or the development of gum problems. Patients opting for Clear Braces in Buckinghamshire to address their maintenance issues are less likely to need more costly dental care later on.

  • Enhanced overall health

Orthodontic problems can cause discomfort and correcting these issues can enhance overall wellbeing. Temporomandibular joints (TMJ), headaches and muscle pain, reduce quality of life.

Many of the common dental conditions that are a result of ageing teeth can be successfully treated with orthodontic treatments. Why not take advantage of dental technology that can address issues such as cracked teeth and gum recession? Older patients should be aware that in order to benefit from braces, they need to satisfy the dental practitioner that their gums are disease-free, and that the quality of their jawbone is suitable to receive treatment.

Being proactive about orthodontic care helps patients take control of their oral health. Thanks to the array of orthodontic options available in the dental industry today, senior patients can choose the most suitable option for them. Our experienced and compassionate dental practitioners at Garden View dental clinic can help you with your orthodontic needs. Call our office today to schedule a consultation. We offer a range of braces to choose from.

‘How do I keep my ceramic braces stain free?’ Read Garden View Dental’s top tips on reducing staining

When you choose to have cosmetic braces fitted to help straighten your teeth, there is a real expectation now that your braces will look good and not draw unwanted attention or stares.


With invisible braces, like Invisalign, this is fairly straightforward; the braces are clear, made from an easy-to-clean plastic that only requires rinsing under the tap.

However, when you and your dentist decide that you are more likely to benefit from ceramic braces, you need to know how to take care of them properly to prevent staining.

At Garden View Dental, our team is proud to be able to offer our patients both invisible and clear braces in Buckinghamshire and are aware of how your choice of brace will impact on your day to day life. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to keep your ceramic braces clean, stain free and functional.

So, what are the best ways to prevent staining on ceramic braces?

Floss and rinse

We are all aware of how regular flossing and rinsing with mouthwash can reduce plaque build-up, but it can also prevent staining.

When you are fitted with our clear braces in Buckinghamshire, consider investing in more dental floss and mouthwash, to prevent your ceramic braces from becoming stained and more visible. Alternatively, why not invest in some of the more recent dental options, like the Waterpik, that eliminates both plaque and prevents discolouring of ceramics?

Regular brushing

Our team at Garden View Dental know you brush your teeth twice a day.

But when you have clear braces in Buckinghamshire fitted, you need to brush your teeth twice a day and usually after every meal to prevent staining.

This ensures that any colours used in your food are washed away quickly and leave your teeth and braces looking and feeling a lot whiter.

Avoid certain foods

No one likes being told what to eat, but if you want to keep your ceramic braces stain free, there are a few foods you should be actively avoiding.

Foods that are higher in acids such as tomatoes, mustard, berries, and beetroot should all be avoided when you are wearing ceramic braces. Unfortunately, there are many drinks that should be crossed off of your consumption list too, which include coffee, tea, red wine, sodas, and juices.

If you have to consume any of these products, remember to brush and floss afterward to keep those ceramic brackets looking their best!

Reduce or stop smoking

We all know smoking is a big no-no and it can obviously impact your teeth.

Nicotine stains not only your natural teeth but can also stain any ceramic materials you have in your mouth, so if you want to keep your new braces looking discreet, it is advisable to cut down or eliminate smoking altogether.

Smoking while wearing any type of brace also increases the risk of gum disease, gum recession, white spots on the teeth and tooth loss, so if you want good oral health, give up smoking as soon as possible.

Straighten up that smile with clear braces in Buckinghamshire

When it comes to keeping your teeth looking great our team have a number of tricks up their sleeves in the form of innovative and unique treatments that will help your teeth stand the test of time. One particular procedure we might recommend for you is to book an appointment for removable clear braces in Buckinghamshire.

clear-braces-buckinghamshireHere’s a little additional information about why and when we would recommend this to our patients.

What are they?

Patients looking for clear braces in Buckinghamshire, (which are not the fixed ceramic braces), can expect to be given a see-through plastic removable aligner, worn for a set period of time to straighten up crooked teeth. The idea is that this appliance will exert a small amount of pressure on your teeth at key points to slowly realign them, just like an ordinary brace. But where this one differs is that you can take it out at any point to clean your teeth or eat meals, as well as keep the appliance free from bacteria, plaque and food particles.

Treatment times last up to 12 months depending on a number of factors such as the amount of teeth being realigned, their location and the age of the patient.

 How do I wear them?

Wearing the brace is incredibly easy as all you need to do is just pop it into your mouth and leave it there for as long as you’re instructed to by your dentist. Ideally you should have it there for a minimum of 22 hours a day to ensure that the realignment goes through without a hitch, but you can remove it for cleaning and eating as we previously mentioned.

At Garden View Dental Care our team will explain how the braces work in detail, to allow you to make the most of your new oral addition.

Facts about the fitting process

The actual method by which we will measure and then fit you for braces is where things get interesting and a little science fiction! Using a series of lasers or LEDs, depending on the type of machine, we will be able to scan your teeth to map out their exact measurements. This data is then used to produce a 3D image that we can then manipulate to show you how and where your teeth will be realigned. This is then sent off to a laboratory to produce your set of braces that you then have to wear.

Depending on the realignment needed you may be asked to wear a number of graduated braces with different pressure points built in, but our team will usually discuss this with you first.

 How to keep your braces clean

Generally, we advise that you use a recommended cleaning solution that is lightly scrubbed over the brace every other day. This will kill harmful bacteria, clear out plaque and help reduce staining.

These are just a few interesting facts about these practically invisible braces. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure or would like to see what they can do for you, then contact our practice and have a chat with our team as soon as possible.