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Protect your oral health by visiting the dentist in Buckinghamshire

Regular dental visits are recommended to prevent oral health problems. But more than one-third of British adults fail to visit their dentist annually. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings can help you avoid tooth decay and gum disease. Even if you may not have any symptoms of gum disease, dental examinations are just as important for adults as children. Untreated cavities and gum disease can lead to tooth loss and other oral health complications.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireAt Garden View Dental Care, we believe that prevention is better than cure and we advise our patients to visit our dentist in Buckinghamshire at least every six months. Visiting a dentist regularly can help prevent oral disease and diagnose problems early, when they are easier (and less expensive) to treat.

How can a dentist help

Practising good dental health is important to maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. It will also help your appearance and quality of life. Adults should brush their teeth at least twice a day and floss on a daily basis.

However, even if you are a diligent brusher and flosser, you will still need to visit a dentist regularly for cleanings. Food bacteria and plaque tend to stick in hard-to-reach places in our mouth and can only be removed with intensive dental care. Our dentist in Beaconsfield will use special tools to remove plaque from your teeth and polish them.

Moreover, cavities may not have any symptoms until after significant damage to the tooth. This is why regular visits to your dentist in Buckinghamshire are so important. Early signs of tooth decay are easier to treat than advanced cases and tooth decay treatment is virtually painless.

Another complication of poor oral health is gum disease, which can be harmless in its initial stage, but can rapidly lead to more severe problems if left untreated. Advanced gum disease can cause tooth loss and gum infections. Moreover, research has linked gum disease with serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

Get in touch

Good dental health is a combination of proper daily maintenance through brushing and flossing along with regular visits to your dentist in Buckinghamshire. Give us a call and we will book an appointment for you.

Common reasons to visit an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire

A dental emergency can strike anywhere, anytime, and without warning. Even if you take good care of your teeth and gums, there is still a possibility that you will encounter a dental emergency at some point in your life. From an accidental hit by a Frisbee to hard fruit and nuts causing a painful bout of inflammation, there are all kinds of dental emergencies.

Emergency Dentist in BuckinghamshireAt Garden View Dental Care, we are here to help emergency dental patients needing an appointment as soon as possible. When your dental health is at risk, we will do our best to ensure that you are treated as soon as possible. Our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire will examine your teeth carefully and proceed to all the necessary actions that will take your pain away. We will ensure that you get the dental attention you need in order to avoid further problems in the future.

Knocked out and misplaced teeth

A knocked-out tooth is a common reason to visit an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire. The sooner you visit the dentist, the better chance they have of saving the tooth. Upon losing an adult tooth, rinse it with lukewarm water, but be careful not to remove any of the roots or tissues attached to it. Preserve the tooth in a container of milk or store it in the soft tissue of your mouth. The most successful re-implantations happen when patients bring their knocked out teeth to the emergency dentist within an hour of them falling out.


A toothache is another common reason why people visit an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire. If your tooth is sore for a prolonged period of time, even after rinsing your mouth with warm water and taking medicine, it is important to visit an emergency dentist. If there is swelling around the tooth, it is likely that you have a tooth abscess. In other cases, the pain may be a symptom of tooth decay or a sign that root canal treatment is necessary.

If the pain is intolerable from the beginning, it is in your best interest to visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Dental care for children in Buckinghamshire

Tooth decay in children is on the rise in the United Kingdom, with more than half of children having some decay in their baby or adult teeth. For this reason, it is more important than ever to visit the dentist and teach your child good oral health habits that will stay with them for life.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireAt Garden View Dental Care, we firmly believe that oral health awareness promotes a sense of hygiene and cleanliness, and greatly improves a child’s quality of life. Our primary concern is providing your child with the finest dental care possible and our dentist in Buckinghamshire will make every effort to ensure successful prevention and treatment, if needed.

Caring for children’s teeth is important

It is really important to look after your child’s teeth from the moment their first teeth appear. Keeping your child’s teeth and gums clean will protect against infection, cavities and pain. Decayed baby teeth can damage the adult teeth underneath and lead to more serious problems. For instance, if a child loses a baby tooth or more because of decay, this can lead to crowding problems when their adult teeth come through later.

Children should develop a regular dental hygiene routine at home as well as visit the dentist in Buckinghamshire every six months or so for regular check-ups and cleanings.

Visiting the dentist

Regular dental check-ups are important from a child’s first birthday, or within six months of their first tooth appearing.

Children can be afraid of the dentist, therefore it is really important to make a visit to the dentist in Buckinghamshire a positive experience. Never use the dentist as a threat for not brushing teeth as this can stay with a child for a long time and create a negative experience. Children who start visiting the dentist from an early age are more likely to develop good oral habits and stick with them for life.

Moreover, visiting the dentist in Buckinghamshire early on is important for other reasons as well. As your child’s adult teeth grow through, you many notice misalignment of the teeth or the jaw. Our dentist in Buckinghamshire will examine their teeth thoroughly and will advise whether corrective treatment is required.

Straighten your smile with clear braces in Beaconsfield

Contrary to popular belief, braces are not just for kids. Adults can have braces fitted as well and the options are broader than ever. Whether you want discreet braces or more traditional braces, your dentist will collaborate with you to build a plan that works for your budget, time frame, and ultimately reaches your goal of straightening crooked teeth, and enjoying a straighter smile.

If having clear braces in Beaconsfield is the only way you are going to consider straightening your smile – we have good news! Our experienced dentists at Garden View Dental Care offer clear braces for adults of all ages, who wish to straighten their teeth without wearing metal brackets and wires.

Clear Braces in BeaconsfieldWhy straighten your smile?

While most patients are interested in a straighter, more attractive smile, the benefits of braces go far beyond aesthetics. Crooked, crowded, gapped and protruding teeth, are harder to keep clean and healthy. Cavities and gum disease can often affect patients with misaligned teeth. Protruding teeth are also more vulnerable to injury, not to mention the premature wear that misaligned bites can cause. Luckily all of these problems can be solved with clear braces in Beaconsfield.

Benefits of clear braces

Improved aesthetics is perhaps the most obvious benefit of clear braces, though it is not the only one. Depending on the type of adult braces that you choose, our treatments can offer many advantages. Fixed or removable clear braces offer results similar to traditional braces. Removable braces, in particular, are easy to care for and allow you to eat your favourite foods without restrictions. The type of clear braces that you choose will depend on how crooked, gapped or crowded your teeth are. It will also depend on what you are expecting from your teeth straightening treatment.

Make an informed choice

If you are ready to improve your smile, please schedule an appointment with our friendly team today. If you have any questions about our teeth straightening treatment options, get in touch with our dental practice and one of our team members would be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you and giving you your best smile.

Preparing your child for their first visit to the dentist in Buckinghamshire

Taking your child to the dentist for the first time can be a stressful experience for them, but there are many things that you can do before that to help ease their worries and turn the visit into something positive.

At Garden View Dental Care, we give your child the same quality care that we offer adult patients. With children, there are many factors that can lead to an overall positive dental experience. Children do not unconsciously fear dental care and it is our job to ensure they stay that way. Our dentist in Buckinghamshire will do their best to make your child feel as comfortable as possible during their first visit; however, as a parent, there are several things you can do to help make this a comfortable experience for your child.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireWhen should children have their first dental check-up?

Parents are often unsure of when to bring their child to the dentist. Most dentists recommend visits start from the appearance of the child’s first tooth or by their first birthday and definitely no later than two-years. This can be as early as six months old in order to make sure that everything is growing and developing as it should be. If you child starts visiting the dentist in Buckinghamshire from an early age, they will end up being more familiar with the process and this will create a strong foundation of great oral care habits for life.

How to prepare your children for their first visit to the dentist

Many adults have a fear of going to the dentist and this can easily influence your child if you are not careful. Make sure you take note of how you talk about the dentist and avoid talking about pain or painful dental procedures, as it is likely your child will remember all these things. Instead, create a positive image of the dentist. Answer all of their questions and if you are extra creative, create a script and recreate a dental visit along with your child.

To learn more about our dental services for children, or simply book an appointment for your little one, contact us today.


How to tell if you need emergency dental care

Some dental issues cannot wait for an appointment. Broken or knocked-out teeth, or severe pain caused by trauma or infection require emergency dental care. For such dental problems, you must visit an emergency dentist immediately, or your emergency may worsen and require more extensive and expensive treatment.

At Garden View Dental Care, we provide emergency dental care that helps to restore your oral health. Our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire can help with emergency issues for new and returning patients. We are here to ensure your dental emergency gets the attention it deserves quickly, so no further problems develop. Below are some of the signs that you should visit an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentist in BuckinghamshireKnocked-out teeth

If you lose one of your teeth due to an accident, injury or other trauma, you must visit the emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire immediately. Our emergency dentist can provide a quick solution for tooth loss and may also fix the lost tooth if treated immediately. While waiting to see the dentist, try to reposition the teeth in your socket. If this is not possible, store it on the inside of your cheek. Do not scrub the tooth or touch any of the connecting tissues.


A toothache is a symptom associated with many dental problems and should never be underestimated. If you leave your tooth pain unaddressed, it has the potential to cause many problems. If your toothache persists, it may be a sign that the tooth is decayed. For this reason, visiting the emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire to have your tooth checked out is the right thing to do. Our dentist can remove the decay from your tooth and strengthen it with a filling or a crown.

Gum bleeding

Continuous gum bleeding is never a good sign. It can be indicative of gum infection or gum disease. If not treated on time, gum disease can become severe and painful leading to tooth loss.

Emergency dental care made easy

At Garden View Dental Care, we will work to get you treated right away so that your discomfort can be relieved, your teeth restored, and your smile improved. We can also discuss any other oral health concerns that you may have.

Why it is important your child visits the dentist in Buckinghamshire

Bringing your child to the dentist early can lead to a lifetime of good oral care habits and helps them get familiar with the dental practice. This reduces anxiety and fear and can lead to relaxed check-ups in the future. Parents are often unsure about when to take their child to a dentist. In general, a child’s first visit to the dentist should be when the first tooth erupts, or no later than the age of two. However, some children may need to visit the dentist earlier.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireAt Garden View Dental Care, we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure and urge our patients to bring their children to the dentist in Buckinghamshire at an early age. Early check-ups prevent tooth decay and dental pain, which can lead to more severe problems later in life. Research has proven that children with healthy teeth and gums are happier overall, perform better in school and have confidence in themselves.

Diagnose problems early

By bringing your child to Garden View Dental Care, problems like crowding, missing or crooked teeth and jaw issues can be addressed early on. The earlier the dentist can find these problems, the less complicated the treatment needs to be.

Baby teeth prepare the ground for permanent adult teeth and when baby teeth are healthy, it is easier for the adult teeth to come through straight and healthy. Not taking good care of baby teeth can cause them to fall out prematurely, which can cause the remaining teeth to move around. When this happens, permanent teeth are more likely to grow crooked and become crowded or gapped.

Prevent cavities

An important part of a dental examination is finding decay and cavities before they develop. Children love to eat sugary foods and snacks and by detecting tooth decay in their baby teeth early on, it is easier and less expensive to deal with. Moreover, our dentist in Buckinghamshire will teach your children how to take good care of their teeth and show them how to brush and floss properly. Teaching children how to look after their teeth will give them the knowledge and enthusiasm to take care of their oral health consistently.

Are discreet braces for adults really an option?

The short answer: yes! Patients worried about the stigma attached to wearing ‘train track’ traditional style braces in adulthood can now benefit from clear braces in Beaconsfield, using a system called Six Month Smiles.

Six Month Smiles, available at Garden View Dental Care, can reduce treatment time to around six months by concentrating only on straightening teeth that are visible when smiling. This results in a smile transformation for our patients. Treatment can even be as short as four months but sometimes as long as nine months – either way, this is much quicker than the years of treatment you may have heard of with traditional fixed metal braces.

Clear Braces in BeaconsfieldSix Month Smiles clear braces in Beaconsfield can be used to treat a wide variety of dental problems, including crowding, cross bites, overbites and gappy teeth.

Is Six Month Smiles right for me?

The discreet clear and tooth-coloured wires and brackets used in Six Month Smiles provide an aesthetic and practical solution for patients who are concerned about the appearance of metal fixed braces. In addition, the gentle forces used means discomfort is kept to a minimum. This is possible because the front six teeth that this treatment targets only have a single tooth root each, making them easier to move.

Six Month Smiles clear braces in Beaconsfield are not as discreet as Invisalign which involves wearing almost invisible removable aligners. However, Six Month Smiles treatment is quicker than Invisalign by nature of it only targeting the front six ‘social’ teeth.

What does the procedure involve?

Your dentist at Garden View Dental Care will begin your treatment by conducting thorough checks on the teeth, with the help of x-rays, teeth impressions and photographs. Taking to you about what you hope to achieve will help determine whether Six Month Smiles is the best possible treatment for you. The costs and duration of treatment will be outlined before you commit to starting treatment. On your next visit, your brackets will carefully attached to the fronts of your teeth and the wire strung though. Regular appointments for adjustments will keep your teeth moving in the right direction, until you finally achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

How preventive dentistry can keep children’s teeth healthy

There is a common misconception that preventive dental care needn’t be a part of healthcare for children, because primary teeth are temporary anyway. In reality, tooth decay is among the most common, and largely preventable, childhood diseases. Routine preventive oral care can help your child develop healthy teeth, avoid painful toothaches, and eventually prevent expensive restorative treatments.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireAt Garden View Dental Care, keeping your children’s teeth strong and healthy is as important to us. Our experienced dentist in Buckinghamshire will strive to prevent cavities and strengthen young teeth in order to set the stage for lifelong healthy smiles. Moreover, our dentist in Buckinghamshire will show your children how to effectively brush and floss, and when necessary, recommend preventive treatments such as dental sealants.

Can cavities be prevented?

Good oral hygiene is essential for a healthy smile. However, young children are often unable to brush and floss their teeth thoroughly. For this reason, most dentists recommend visiting the dentist at least every six months, beginning at your child’s first birthday. Frequent visits will prepare children for a lifetime of good oral habits. Our dentist in Buckinghamshire will examine your child’s teeth thoroughly and look for signs of tooth decay or gum disease. They will then remove plaque from their teeth and gums using special tools. Your dentist in Buckinghamshire may also recommend protective sealants for your child.

Dental sealants

Dental sealants are an alternative solution to painful traditional fillings and can prevent cavities in children. These thin plastic coatings are attached directly to the surface of the teeth to prevent bacteria from entering into them. A dental sealant is an easy procedure for young patients to sit through and provides numerous benefits. Our dentist in Buckinghamshire will clean your children’s teeth thoroughly. Next, the sealant is applied to the biting surface of the tooth and cured with a special light. This is often a quick and painless procedure that can save you money in the long run.

Protect your children’s teeth

To find out more about preventive dentistry for children in Buckinghamshire, get in touch with our friendly team today. We are looking forward to scheduling an appointment or consultation with you.

Two ways that an emergency dentist in Beaconsfield can help you

An emergency dentist is there for you if you have any kind of dental trauma, bleeding or pain. At Garden View Dental Care, we offer an emergency service to ensure that our patients get the help they need as soon as possible.

Please note: if you have had any kind of head trauma or injuries that are unrelated to your teeth, you may need to visit the doctor or accident and emergency department before we can take care of your teeth. If you are unsure, make an emergency appointment with your GP, visit your local hospital or call 999 as appropriate.

Emergency Dentist in BeaconsfieldBelow are just two of the ways that Garden View Dental Care can help in an emergency. Our friendly staff are on the end of the telephone to help assess your needs and get you the care that you need as soon as possible.

Pain reduction

A dental emergency quite often involves pain and this is, of course, our first priority when we see you at the emergency dentist in Beaconsfield. Even if we are not able to complete all of the work that you need to completely repair your teeth, we can at least send you home free of pain. You will also know when your next appointment will be, when we will continue working on your smile.

If you are already in pain, it is good to know that you have an emergency dentist in Beaconsfield at the ready. Feel free to ask a member of our team about our emergency services now, before you need them.

Save a missing tooth

Your tooth is a living thing and it has attachments to your blood supply and nerves. If you lose a tooth, the body’s healing responses will quickly start closing those connections and repairing the area to prevent infection. This can make it less likely that we will be able to save your tooth the longer that you wait to see us.

Visit the emergency dentist in Beaconsfield as soon as possible if you have a tooth that is falling or has fallen out. If possible, keep it in position. If you cannot do this, keep it in a little milk. Do not put it in water.