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Clear advantages to straighter teeth

There are many advantages to having straighter teeth that may not be so obvious when we think about teeth straightening and braces treatment. Of course, straighter teeth look better and can give us a confidence boost, but straight teeth are actually better for the overall health of our mouths.

At Garden View Dental Care, we offer clear braces in Beaconsfield. These types of braces are similar to traditional metal braces, but are made from more modern materials. We also offer modern removable braces.

Clear Braces in BeaconsfieldOne of the main issues that puts patients off straightening their teeth is the appearance of traditional braces. In Beaconsfield, clear braces can be used so that appearance is no longer an issue for those who dream of having straighter, more perfect teeth.

Hidden health benefits

When we think of straight teeth, our minds will most likely focus on the appearance of our smile. Of course, straightening our teeth can completely transform the appearance of our smile, but we can also benefit from numerous health advantages.

Keeping our teeth clean is easier when our teeth are aligned and straight. Put simply, when our teeth are straight, harmful bacteria have fewer places to hide.

In Beaconsfield, clear braces can also help with how our teeth wear over time. When our teeth work together evenly when we chew, they are less likely to wear unevenly.

When the pressure produced when we chew is spread more evenly between our teeth, they are also less likely to chip or crack.

Having straighter teeth can help your teeth last longer into your life which benefits you in the long run.

Types of clear braces

There are lots of different types of clear braces on offer thanks to today’s advanced technology. At Garden View Dental Care, Six Month Smiles treatments can straighten moderately misaligned teeth in an average time of just six months.

Six Month Smiles acts more quickly than traditional braces can because the treatment focuses on just the front six teeth. The front six teeth are referred to as the ‘social six’ because they are teeth we show when we smile.

Why visit an emergency dentist in Beaconsfield?

A dental emergency can occur at any time without warning, and often outside of your dentist’s normal surgery hours. Whether you lost a tooth or have a toothache, unexpected dental problems often require an immediate trip to the emergency dentist.

At Garden View Dental Care, we appreciate that dental emergencies can be painful and for this reason, we have a dedicated emergency dentist in Beaconsfield. If you are unsure that your dental problem is worth an emergency dental visit, read about these three situations below:

Emergency Dentist in BeaconsfieldCommon dental emergencies and how to handle them

If you lose a permanent tooth due to an injury, decay, or any other reason, you should see an emergency dentist immediately. Time is of the essence, since we may be able to put your tooth back into its socket. While waiting to be treated by an emergency dentist in Beaconsfield, rinse the tooth gently, being careful not to remove any remaining tissue and try to reinsert it into the socket gently. If that’s impossible, you should store it in a milk or saliva solution.

Teeth are very strong, but they can occasionally chip or fracture from biting down on something hard or being hit in the mouth. When you have a chipped or cracked tooth, even if you don’t feel any pain, it’s really important to see a dentist as soon as possible. Your emergency dentist in Beaconsfield can fix your tooth and help you avoid more serious problems in the future. If the problem is irreparable, your dentist may recommend a crown to protect what is left of your tooth.

Finally, severe and sudden toothaches are another reason to visit the emergency dentist in Beaconsfield. Pain is usually the first sign of an infection or tooth decay and you should visit your dentist as soon as possible. In the interim, you can take painkillers, but be careful not to place them directly on your tooth or gums.

No matter what the damage is, our dentists at Garden View Dental Care will be able to restore your teeth and protect them from further damage. In case of a dental emergency, contact our team and we will book an appointment for you.

Treatments at your dentist in Buckinghamshire

The world of modern dentistry is a dramatically different place than 20 years ago. The range of treatments has exploded into new areas of consumer choice.

For many patients, there is at least one treatment that could benefit their lives they may not have known was available to them before. From more modern teeth straightening treatments to simple treatments like teeth whitening, here at Garden View, we believe we’ll have a treatment for you.

Along with the myriad of new cosmetic treatments, keeping your teeth happy and healthy is easier than ever with our modern dental techniques.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireProtecting your teeth

At the dentist in Buckinghamshire, you’ll find that our most important job is to keep your teeth feeling and functioning as well as possible. Because we are living longer lives, we need our teeth to last a lot longer, preferably our whole lives.

We believe with our dental hygiene appointments you have a good chance of this. We all know that keeping our teeth free of plaque is important. In a dental hygiene appointment, our dental hygienist will remove any stubborn plaque and give your teeth a thorough cleaning. This is often referred to as a scaling and polishing.

You will also get advice from your dentist on how to look after your teeth going forward. This will involve how many check-ups you need each year at the dentist. In Buckinghamshire, our dentists usually advise that twice a year is sufficient, but in some cases, it could be more, due to your habits, what you like to eat and drink and your dental history.

Keeping your teeth looking as good as they feel

If you are looking to get a quick boost to how your teeth look, then teeth whitening is a good option that many people in the UK choose. The treatments we offer are great if you have a special event coming up that you want to feel and look your best for.

These treatments are often featured on TV makeover shows due to their transformative power and cost-effective nature. It’s so easy to get the most out of your teeth, so book an appointment today to start your journey.

All you need to know about clear braces in Beaconsfield

Are you excited about straightening your teeth, but a bit uncomfortable at the thought of wearing metal braces for months or even years? With clear braces, not only can you get your teeth aligned, you can smile confidently throughout your treatment.

At Garden View Dental Care, we offer clear braces that are either tooth-coloured or can be removed periodically. Clear braces in Beaconsfield are designed to deliver results quickly and above all, discreetly.

Clear Braces in BeaconsfieldUnique benefits of clear braces

One of the most exciting benefits of clear braces is that most people will not even notice that you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment. Clear braces are ideal for image-conscious teenagers or adults whose job heavily relies on their external appearance. Moreover, clear braces are designed to straighten teeth more quickly than traditional braces, with treatment times starting from an average of as little as six months (i.e. Six Month Smiles braces). More importantly, clear braces in Beaconsfield are more comfortable than traditional braces because they put less pressure on the teeth and are less likely to harm your gums. Finally, removable aligners are not fixed in place and they can be removed to eat and clean your teeth.

Am I eligible for clear braces in Beaconsfield?

Generally, most patients are eligible for clear braces as long as their teeth are only mildly to moderately misaligned. Patients with severely crooked teeth or serious jaw problems will not benefit from clear braces. In this case, your dentist may recommend regular braces or other teeth straightening methods.

//Do clear braces hurt like conventional braces?//

Removable clear braces are composed of smooth plastic that will not cause any irritation to your soft tissues. Fixed clear braces, on the other hands, are not as painful as conventional braces because they do not put as much pressure on your teeth. Both types of braces aim to shift your teeth gently over the course of your treatment.

Get in touch

At Garden View Dental Care, we strive to offer each patient individual care that is personalised and affordable. If you would like to schedule a consultation for clear braces in Beaconsfield, give us a call today.

Gum disease: the invisible enemy

Periodontitis, commonly known as gum disease, is a bacterial infection that can result in inflamed gums and ultimately, loss of teeth. Symptoms include bleeding during brushing, lingering bad breath, red and swollen gums, as well as loose or shifting teeth.

Gum disease is the number one reason for tooth loss, and extensive research suggests that there may be links between gum disease and other health problems such as diabetes, risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Bad oral care and smoking can also dramatically increase the risk of gum disease.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireOur Buckinghamshire dentist at Garden View Dental Care is committed to helping you prevent gum disease and preserve your oral health. The early stages of gum disease are not painful at all and you can easily miss it if you fail to visit your dentist in Buckinghamshire for a regular check-up. Here are some simple steps to ensure that your gums will stay as healthy as possible:

Prevention is better than cure

Preventing gum disease in the first place is not only important for your teeth, but it is also vital for your general health. The best way to prevent gum disease is to brush and floss your teeth daily, but to get the best results, it is important to know how to do it correctly. Your dentist in Buckinghamshire can show you effective brushing and flossing techniques for the best possible results.

Visiting the dentist regularly is also important, since they can identify signs of the disease at an early stage and prevent it altogether. Your dentist in Buckinghamshire will also clean your teeth professionally, removing any traces of plaque that may cause gum disease.

Smokers are advised to quit because smoking decreases blood circulation, which helps keep gums healthy, and is a major cause of gum disease. Moreover, eating a balanced and nutritious diet is important to keep your gums healthy and strong. By following these simple rules, you can reduce your chance of infection and inflammation and ensure better oral health.

To learn more about gum disease and how to prevent or treat it, contact our friendly team and schedule an appointment today.

Why should you see an emergency dentist in Beaconsfield as soon as possible?

Garden View Dental Care offers patients fast access to an emergency dentist in Beaconsfield. We know the importance of swift dental treatment in an emergency.

At our practice, we treat patients with broken teeth, lost fillings, abscesses, facial trauma or swelling, and other injuries. If you are in pain, in danger of losing teeth or have consistent bleeding then these all constitute a problem that requires the attention of an emergency dentist in Beaconsfield.

Emergency Dentist in BeaconsfieldIf you are unsure, you can always call the practice and speak to a member of our team. If you have other injuries, especially trauma to the head, please visit A&E or call 999, depending on the severity, before visiting us.

Below are some of the reasons why you should not delay dental treatment in an emergency:

Alleviation of pain

The first thing we hope to do at Garden View Dental Care is make you comfortable. We know that dental pain can be very severe and we frequently offer patients anaesthetic to deal with the sensations that accompany treatment.

Preservation of tooth structure

The body acts quickly to heal any areas where you have damage. This is also true if you have lost or are losing a tooth. This is why it is best to keep your tooth in place, if possible, even if it is very loose. You can use cotton wool pads to help keep it in place if necessary. The root of your tooth is living tissue and does not react well to being out of its normal environment. The longer you leave it before you seek treatment, the more likely it is that you will lose your tooth.

Reduced risk of infection

If you have damage to your gums or an exposed tooth socket, there is risk of infection. This can cause long term problems and can potentially be quite serious. Ensure that you keep the area around your dental issue as clean as possible. If there is dirt and debris present and it is too painful to clear this out then you need the assistance of an emergency dentist who will be able to numb and clean the area for you.

Why children should visit the dentist in Buckinghamshire

Ideally, your child should have a dental check-up by their first birthday; however, it is ok to wait until they develop their first set of teeth. Delaying the visit any longer than that, though, may increase their risk of developing cavities and gum disease, leading to more complex problems.

At Garden View Dental Care, we are committed to providing quality dental care for children and adults alike. Our goal is for our dentist in Buckinghamshire to develop a great relationship with your child and make their visit an enjoyable experience. Whether your child needs preventive or restorative dental care, we are here to ensure that they enjoy each step of the journey and leave with healthy teeth and a bright smile.

Dentist in BuckinghamshirePrevention is key

Many parents mistakenly think that their children can’t develop oral problems at an early age. However, bringing your child to the dentist at an early age will ensure that thier teeth are protected against early tooth decay, which, if left untreated, could eventually affect their permanent teeth. Just like adults, children are recommended to visit the dentist in Buckinghamshire at least twice a year. The dentist will be able to detect any issues and ensure proper prevention and cure.

Fluoride applications and sealants

At Garden View Dental Care, there are a number of preventive treatments that our dentists can provide for children. Fluoride applications can prevent or slow down tooth decay, allowing your dentist to stop the formation of cavities. Dental sealants, on the other hand, are plastic coatings applied directly on the biting surfaces of the children’s teeth to prevent bacteria from entering into the grooves and causing decay. Both methods are very effective and can protect your children’s teeth from developing decay.

Teaching children to value good oral health

It’s never too early to set up your baby’s first appointment with the dentist in Buckinghamshire and teach your children that oral health is important. Children who visit the dentist regularly from an early age are more likely to develop good oral care habits and experience fewer oral problems as they grow up. Treating problems early also prevents oral disease from getting worse and is less expensive in the long run.

Don’t suffer any longer – emergency dental care in Buckinghamshire

Emergencies never happen when it’s convenient. However, oral discomfort shouldn’t be ignored, especially when an emergency dentist can provide you with relief in just one phone call. At Garden View, we understand how disruptive and traumatic tooth pain can be. For this reason, we offer emergency dental care that can help you get the immediate relief you are looking for.

Dental emergences and how to deal with them

Emergency Dental Care in BuckinghamshireWhile dental emergencies are rare, they can happen, and it is really important to know what to do before visiting the emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire. Children or adults who participate in sports regularly are more prone to dental injuries. At the same time, toothaches are very common, and it is possible to chip or crack a tooth while chewing on something hard.

If food has lodged around your tooth, causing it to hurt, then you should floss gently and rinse it with warm water. If the area is inflamed, apply a cold compress to the outside of the mouth. Never apply pain medication directly to your teeth or gums as it can cause serious harm. If the pain continues, you are advised to visiting your emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire, because the underlying cause may be something serious that required immediate dental care.

Chipped or cracked teeth, on the other hand, may not hurt, but you still need to contact the emergency dentist at once. Clean the area by rinsing it with warm water, save any pieces of the tooth and use a gauze if there is any bleeding.

Finally, knocked out teeth require immediate dental attention, since visiting the emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire on time can mean the difference between saving and losing your tooth. Rinse the root off with warm water, being careful not to disturb any fragments of tissue. Put the tooth back into the socket if possible, making sure the root is in the gum as it was before if possible. If you cannot put the tooth back into it place, store it in milk if possible.

Contact us

If you are facing a dental emergency, give us a call and we will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

Baby teeth do matter – dental care for children in Buckinghamshire

Many people do not understand the function of baby teeth, thinking that, as they are going to fall out eventually, they are not important. Unfortunately, this is not true. Baby teeth are very important for a child’s oral health and wellbeing. Not only do they help in speech development, but they also hold space in the mouth for the adult teeth. Without proper care, they can cause serious oral health issues.

At Garden View in Buckinghamshire, we are aware of the importance of baby teeth and for this reason we urge our patients to bring their children to the dental practice as soon as their first teeth appear. Good oral health habits start from the very beginning and that includes taking care of non-permanent teeth such as baby teeth. Our friendly dentist in Buckinghamshire will examine your children’s teeth and ensure that they are free of plaque and cavities.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireWhat if baby teeth get cavities?

You may be tempted to think that baby teeth are going to fall out anyway, therefore getting cavities is not that important. This could not be further from the truth. Cavities are not only painful, but they can also cause problems with the normal development of adult teeth. For this reason, it is really important to visit the dentist in Buckinghamshire. Decayed baby teeth can damage the whole jaw structure and impair children’s speech and chewing ability.

Cavities in baby teeth are often caused by over-exposure to sugar. Too much sugar causes bacteria to settle on the teeth, creating plaque that starts to eat away tooth enamel. Children are most likely to indulge in sugary snacks putting them at a higher risk for cavities. The pain that comes with cavities can interrupt sleep, as well as their ability to grow to their fullest potential. Oral health is also connected with overall health and cavities can encourage the multiplication of bacteria in the mouth that may eventually spread throughout the entire body.

Taking good of baby teeth will keep your children’s mouth health and plaque-free. Daily brushing and flossing help children understand that oral health is really crucial. Visiting the dentist in Buckinghamshire will also help them establish an oral health routine.

When to visit an emergency dentist in Beaconsfield

Dental emergencies occur when you least expect them and visiting an emergency dentist as soon as possible is your best chance for restoring your oral health. At Garden View, we are happy to address your emergency dental needs and help to save your teeth from damage.

We offer appointments for all dental emergencies from a toothache to lost or broken crowns, chipped teeth and fillings to abscesses, trauma and knocked out teeth. Our experienced emergency dentist in Beaconsfield will take good care of your injuries to ensure you avoid additional dental problems in the future. Here are some common dental emergencies and what you can do while waiting to be treated by the emergency dentist in Beaconsfield.

Emergency Dentist in BeaconsfieldKnocked out teeth

If an adult tooth is knocked out, retrieve the tooth, hold it by the crown and use lukewarm water to carefully remove any dirt. It is really important not to touch the root of the tooth or try to remove any tissue that might still be attached.

If possible, put the tooth back into the socket. If the tooth can’t be replaced easily, hold it between your cheek and gums or put it into a clean container with milk or water. Visiting the emergency dentist as soon as possible after the injury can mean the difference between saving and losing your tooth.


Toothache can have many underlying causes. However, it is often the result of an abscess around the root of a tooth or between the tooth and the gum line. If you think that you have an abscess, you should see an emergency dentist in Beaconsfield immediately. In the meantime, rinse your mouth out with a mild solution of salt and warm water to help draw the abscess, and take painkillers. Do not place the painkillers directly on your tooth and do not touch the abscess, which can cause more pain.

We are here to help you

In the event of any dental emergency, you should make an appointment to see an emergency dentist at Garden View as soon as possible. But in the meantime, taking the correct action as outlined above could help to save your teeth.