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Straighter teeth = straighter smile

You don’t have to go through life thinking you are stuck with a smile you are not happy with. There are some things you can’t change in life but there are some things you can. Your teeth are one of the things you can change, if you want to. Crooked, gappy and misaligned teeth can now be a thing of the past. If you want that Hollywood smile, Garden View Dental Care is here to help you achieve it.

Clear Braces in BuckinghamshireHow do I get a straighter smile?

Clear braces in Buckinghamshire are one way to obtain a straighter smile. The braces we offer at Garden View Dental Care are designed to straighten your teeth in six months which is why they are called Six Month Smiles.

If you feel it’s time to make the life-changing decision to straighten your teeth, come in for a free initial consultation and we can discuss with you all the aspects of Six Month Smiles. We will also need to make an assessment of your teeth to determine if this treatment is suitable to your requirements. We would also welcome you to ask any questions during this initial consultation as we want our patients to feel fully informed and confident with any procedure they wish to undertake.

What is Six Month Smiles?

Garden View Dental Care is happy to offer this type of braces for those who have professional careers and would prefer discretion, as well as speedy efficiency, with their treatment. In Buckinghamshire, clear braces are the ideal option. They are made out of clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires, so are barely visible to the untrained eye. The technique in which these braces guide your teeth into their new position is safe, comfortable and highly effective. It uses a firm but gentle force, which, over the treatment period, transforms your teeth into the smile you want.

In Buckinghamshire, clear braces are a discreet and subtle way to achieve straighter teeth. The delicate simplicity of the brackets and wire makes them attractive to many people looking for an unobtrusive tooth straightening treatment. We also offer a teeth whitening kit at the end of the treatment for you to use if desired.

Great teeth are a matter of teamwork

Having a great smile is not a matter of luck, it’s born of a lifelong partnership between you and your dentist. Very few people in the UK are naturally blessed with well aligned, strong, healthy teeth, and even fewer keep them that way throughout their lives without good dental discipline and the back-up of a great dentist. Here at Garden View Dental Care, we can be one half of that partnership as your dentist in Buckinghamshire, but you have to be the other half.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireYour end of the deal

The most important part of keeping your teeth strong and healthy is down to you. You are with your teeth 24/7 and only you can make sure you follow a diligent oral healthcare routine. This should consist of brushing your teeth with a soft or medium bristled brush twice a day for two minutes using a fluoride tooth paste. As well as brushing the surfaces of your teeth, you need to clean between them with dental floss, or interdental brushes if you are older or have gaps between them.

The other vital thing that you must do is come to us as your dentist in Buckinghamshire for a twice-yearly check-up, and a good cleaning with our hygienist.

Our end of the deal

During your check-up, we will be on the lookout for early signs of decay, gum disease and mouth cancers. The first two problems are caused by plaque, the last by various things, but drinking and smoking are often the culprits. If we do spot anything, we can arrange to treat it as soon as possible. You need us to do this because by the time you will be able to actually feel that something is wrong, the decay, gum disease or mouth cancer will be more serious than when we can spot it. So, please don’t wait, use us for what we’re really here for as your dentist in Buckinghamshire – prevention.

After your check-up, our hygienist can remove any plaque build-up and that which has calcified into tartar and is no longer removable with simple brushing.

Between us, we can keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime.

If your teeth break the fall

When an accident happens, it is not unusual for us to look back and think about what we could have done differently. Sometimes things happen and there is not much we can do to stop them. If you trip on the curb and land on your face, you can’t go back in time. It may even make you laugh, or if not you, your friends. What isn’t so funny is when you get up to find that you have broken a tooth.

Emergency Dentist in BuckinghamshireWhen accidents like these happen, although you can’t go back in time, you can go and get your tooth fixed. With a broken, chipped or lost tooth, you will probably require an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire. At Garden View dental practice, we try to get you an appointment as soon as possible. This is so that one our dentists can replant your tooth if necessary, or temporarily restore your tooth before you get a more permanent fix.

It’s not just broken teeth or accidents that an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire like us is here for. It might be that you wake up to the intense pain of toothache. This can be extremely uncomfortable and stop you from getting on with your day. When it comes to toothache, there is likely to be a source to the problem, which is why you should ring us and arrange an appointment.

Visiting an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire

It is important to book an emergency dental appointment as soon as you can. The sooner your teeth are seen to, the more likely they are to be rescued. Having your problem treated means avoiding further complications with your teeth, such as the movement of your remaining teeth when they try to fill in the gaps of a missing tooth.

Although it is not nice to anticipate accidents or injuries, it’s better to be prepared just in case. If you need an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire, you will arrive at Garden View to have your teeth thoroughly examined by one of our dentists. To rule out the possibility of infection, the affected area will be sterilised and your teeth will then be treated.

New and nervous?

If you are new to Beaconsfield and are wondering who to choose as your dentist in Buckinghamshire, maybe Garden View Dental Care is the clinic for you.

We are based in a convenient location and we can even offer you parking outside the practice, so you won’t spend precious time hunting around for spaces.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireScared of the dentist?

Well, you are not alone. It is estimated that about 13% of the world’s population suffer from some sort of dental phobia.

At Garden View Dental Care, we believe that going to the dentist in Buckinghamshire should be a pleasant experience and we always go the extra mile to make sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed when you are in our care. We also believe that information is power, and so we will always take the time to talk to you about your treatment, giving you as much information as you need to feel ready to go ahead. At our practice, there is no such thing as a silly question, or too many questions. Just keep ‘em coming until you have totally run out.

Even if your phobia has kept you away from the dentist in Buckinghamshire for far longer than is good for your teeth, please don’t worry that you are going to get judged by us on their condition. We will just be pleased that you have finally felt able to come and that you have chosen us as your practice.

Scared of needles?

You know what causes the pain when you get injected with local anaesthetic at the dentist? It’s not the sharp point of the needle, it’s the sudden pressure from the liquid being injected in. You won’t have to experience that when you come to us at Garden View Dental Care because we use The Wand, pain-free dentistry. The Wand looks like a pen, so if your phobia is around the sight of needles, this won’t trigger it. Also, it delivers anaesthetic in a controlled manner so you don’t get that nasty sting. And because we have more control over the delivery of the anaesthetic, we can be far more accurate with its delivery, and you won’t leave after your treatment with a numb face.

Everything you need to know about retainers

Many adults are now choosing to have their teeth moved with clear braces in Beaconsfield. There are a number of different stages that a member of the team at Garden View Dental can talk you through when you visit us.

You will need a consultation followed by the creation of your custom-made clear braces in Beaconsfield. Depending on the type of treatment you choose, you may or may not need a fitting appointment after this. Once your realignment is complete, your dentist will talk to you about wearing a retainer for a while afterwards.

Clear Braces in BeaconsfieldWhat is a retainer?

A retainer is a dental device that you need to wear after your teeth straightening treatment is finished. It comes in two types:

  • Removeable – retainers often only need to be worn for part of the day. With a removable retainer, you can take out your dental device when you are not using it. At Garden View, we offer a one-day replacement service for retainers, so you don’t have to worry too much about how losing your retainer will affect the efficacy of your realignment treatment;
  • Fixed – if you have had severe misalignment that has taken a long time to fix, your dentist might recommend that, at first, you wear a retainer for 24 hours per day for a few months. If this is the case, you might choose to have a fixed retainer for convenience. You can just have it fitted and forget about it. Someone might also choose this option if they feel like they will lose their equipment often.

Why is a retainer necessary after clear braces in Beaconsfield?

Retainers are a necessary part of all teeth straightening treatments. During realignment, the teeth are moved to new positions. However, they do not immediately stabilise once they are there. They can move back to their old spots or into a new misalignment as a result of the forces of chewing. A retainer just helps to continuously remind the teeth where they need to be. In some cases, teeth can take up to twelve months to stabilise. Wearing a retainer for this period helps to prevent relapse which can erase months, or even years, of careful realignment.

Important oral health solutions

Your gums and teeth need professional attention to ensure they stay healthy and presentable. At Garden View, we offer our patients a wide variety of oral health treatments that keep their teeth in good condition. People seeking a dentist in Buckinghamshire will find a friendly team and a relaxing dental practice at Garden View.

Dentist in BuckinghamshirePreventing damage to the teeth and deterioration in the gums is a large part of our work. As a contemporary Buckinghamshire dentist, we’re also experienced in the provision of cosmetic improvements. We can brighten your smile and straighten your teeth with procedures that are speedy and comfortable.

Do I need to see the dentist in Buckinghamshire?

It’s important not to wait until you think something is wrong before you come to the dentist. Come and see us when you’re feeling fine, and we can make you feel even better by stopping the spread of tooth decay. The early indications of this common condition often remain hidden from you at home, even if you think you have pretty good toothbrushing skills.

If you have bad breath, we can professionally clean your mouth and take action to prevent gum disease from causing serious harm.

Securing a healthy future

If you want to repair any existing damage to your teeth, you need to visit the dentist in Buckinghamshire. Our customised fillings will help you to maintain dental function with a reduced risk of infection. We can even use tooth-coloured substances to preserve your natural dental appearance. Chipped teeth will benefit from our finely-shaped veneers, bonded to the front of your teeth’s surfaces with a powerful adhesive.

We can straighten your smile using aligners and braces that consider your feelings. These appliances use transparent materials to stay hidden, and meticulous treatment plans to get their work done in good time. Improving your dental positioning can also help you to maintain great oral hygiene. Even small adjustments to your front teeth can improve how you feel about the way you look.

Benefits and choices

Visiting the dentist in Buckinghamshire means giving yourself the chance to have teeth that look appealing and function properly. With our professional care, we aim to ensure you have a healthy oral future.

Dealing with dental pain

If you need to see an emergency dentist in Beaconsfield, you can call Garden View Dental straight away to see when we can get you an appointment. We aim to see patients on the day that they call. The earlier you get in touch, the more likely it is we will be able to see you before you need to go through another night with your dental emergency.

Emergency Dentist in BeaconsfieldOne of the most common reasons for someone to need an emergency dentist in Beaconsfield is because of dental pain. This might be due to an accident, a medical condition or the result of long term decay that has finally reached a tipping point and, for example, exposed a nerve. When you visit the emergency dentist in Beaconsfield at Garden View Dental, one of our first priorities will be to alleviate any strong sensations you are experiencing.

What can you do at home?

Even if we see you as quickly as possible, you may still have a small window of time between calling and getting our help. The trouble is that no period feels short when you are waiting to have dental pain addressed. So, what can you do at home to help yourself? A toothache is often deep inside your gums, so it can be hard to get direct relief. These are just a couple of suggestions that can offer temporary relief:

  • Salt water rinse – just a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water is enough. It is best for the water to be at room temperature. This is because your tooth will not register extremes of hot and cold as anything but further pain. This works because it can draw fluids out of the affected area. This reduces irritation and pressure;
  • Painkillers – you can take over-the-counter analgesics for tooth pain. These days, you can get some strong codeine-based preparations. Always follow the supplier’s directions carefully with these types of medication.

These solutions are not designed to help you avoid a visit to the dentist. They only create the illusion of getting better and, if you already have dental pain, you are likely to have an issue that can only be addressed by a qualified professional.

Supporting your dental hygiene at the dentist in Buckinghamshire

Do you have the basics covered when it comes to your dental hygiene? At Garden View Dental, we offer a wide range of treatments to repair, restore and beautify your smile but we can usually only offer you these services if your basic standard of oral hygiene is good. One of the most important steps, for maintaining the health of your teeth, is regular visits to the dentist in Buckinghamshire.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireYour teeth are strong and durable biological tools. However, they need to be properly cared for in order to last you a lifetime. With modern eating habits, stress and busy lifestyles, the teeth can suffer quite a lot of punishment daily. That’s why there are even more tools for taking care of them than ever before. When you visit the dentist in Buckinghamshire, we can talk you through techniques to use any equipment that you are not familiar with. We can also suggest things that will address specific issues with your teeth once we have done a thorough examination.

These are just a few of the less well-known dental products you could be using to support your oral hygiene:

  • Interdental brushes – these are tiny brushes with handles that are designed to be gripped by the thumb and first finger. You feed the brush into the gaps between your teeth and then gently pull it back and forth to clean out the space. There are different sized brushes to choose from so you may need to experiment to see which one if perfect for your smile;
  • Tongue scraper – most people focus on the teeth when they think of oral hygiene. However, after you have brushed your teeth, they might be nice and clean but there could still be a layer of debris and bacteria on the surface of your tongue. You can get this off using a tongue scraper. These are usually plastic or metal. Some types of toothbrush now have a tongue scraper built into the handle;
  • Chewable toothbrush – these can be helpful when you are on the go and have a breath or freshness issue. A chewable toothbrush is basically a small ball of bristles that you chew and, as you do so, it cleanses the teeth.

Why adults should get braces

It’s a common misconception that braces are only for children or teenagers. This is simply not the case. Nowadays, many adults are opting for braces, particularly clear braces in Beaconsfield. We’ve put together a few reasons why adults may need braces.

Clear Braces in BeaconsfieldYour smile is important

Yes, your smile is an important asset. A good smile can create a positive impact on the people you meet. If you are afraid to smile because you have crooked teeth, it can be a massive drain on your confidence and affect your social interactions. There is no need for your misaligned teeth to hold you back anymore. Options such as clear braces in Beaconsfield are effective and discreet which means you will be able to smile beautifully in no time at all.

Teeth are movable at any age

Teeth are naturally adaptable, even in the elderly. When you get braces, the pressure that they apply to the teeth triggers a reaction in your body which allows them to move gradually by stimulating jawbone growth and/or reduction. Although some health conditions can affect this process, the majority of people can uses braces to move their teeth at any age.

Avoid serious problems with your teeth and mouth by getting braces

Having misaligned teeth increases your chances of plaque and tartar build-up.  This means that gum disease, tooth decay, fatigue and pain in jaw joints are also more likely. This can all lead to eventual gum and bone loss. Correcting crooked teeth issues reduces the risk of these related health issues.

There are other potential health issues to bear in mind with crooked teeth. These include headaches, earaches and gastrointestinal problems due to an inability to chew food effectively. There is even an increased risk of heart failure that can be linked to gum disease.

Today’s braces are better, more cost effective and discreet

Don’t worry – you have options besides traditional metal braces in Beaconsfield. Clear braces are discreet, removable, plastic aligners that you wear over your teeth. As you can remove your braces to eat and to clean your teeth, there are no food restrictions to worry about, and you can brush and floss your teeth as normal.

Basic oral hygiene and your dentist in Buckinghamshire

When you visit the dentist in Buckinghamshire at Garden View Dental Care, you will get more than just a physical check-up. We offer support for your home-based dental hygiene routine by talking to you about what you currently do and suggesting new things you could try.

Dentist in BuckinghamshireSome people are reluctant to talk about their oral hygiene habits when they visit the dentist in Buckinghamshire. This is usually because they are embarrassed or feel like they aren’t following some of the ‘rules’ of good dental care. It’s important to remember that, at Garden View Dental, we aren’t here to judge. We understand that life is busy and that dental habits are formed in all sorts of ways – usually by childhood practices that you may not even remember.

Whatever you do has worked for you up until now but, if you want to, we can help you change so that your teeth are well looked after. This can prevent you needing extensive dental work in the future.

The most important foundation of an oral healthcare routine is brushing your teeth. It is recommended that you do this at least twice per day. If you have dental equipment, like braces, fitted, you may need to brush after every snack and/ or meal. This is not generally recommended though as you can overbrush your teeth. It’s also best to wait a little while after eating before you brush your teeth. This is because the act of chewing can soften the enamel on the teeth, which makes it more susceptible to erosion.

There are many different types of toothbrush that you can choose from including:

  • Standard plastic toothbrush – these come in different colours and shapes. You can choose one that you like but, for everyday use, a soft toothbrush is usually sufficient. You need to change your toothbrush at least every six months or if the bristles begin to splay out to the sides;
  • Electric toothbrush – some people find these more efficient. They are also helpful for children who may not be able to imitate all the motions required for a really thorough brushing.

If you are unsure which toothbrush is right for you, talk to your dentist in Buckinghamshire at Garden View Dental.