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Cosmetic dentistry at a dentist in Buckinghamshire

Modern technologies have made transforming your smile relatively quick and often life-changing. People who go from having crooked and/or stained teeth to a new bright and straight smile in a matter of weeks or months have an uplifted sense of confidence and self-worth and thus have the ability to make lasting and good first impressions. At Garden View, your dentist in Buckinghamshire, we aim to help you create the vision of your own perfect smile with tried and tested techniques and practices of modern cosmetic dentistry.


The winning smile

Psychology studies have found that people make subconscious judgments on others upon first meetings, even if they don’t mean to. A dull crooked smile could give off the perception that you are not so successful in either your professional or love life. Now this, of course, does not hold true as fact and is simply an unconscious perception. Think of it as natural selection, our brains are hardwired to choose the most attractive and healthy mate, this then extends to social and professional environments. If you are unhappy with your smile and would like to alter these unfair perceptions people may have of you, your dentist in Buckinghamshire is here to help with cosmetic dental treatments that show your best self.


Closing gaps

While some supermodels have a front tooth gap that really works for them, for most of us it is an unsightly annoyance that we would prefer to change, some people may even have little black triangles between the teeth where they met at the gums. Not only do these gaps and spaces make you look older, but they can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. Luckily, there is a simple method to close those gaps that are affecting your confidence in the way you smile and putting your health at risk; by filling them with a composite bonding technique called the ClarkMatrix treatment that can be performed in a single dental appointment. This treatment matches your teeth and will not be visible, the only thing that will be noticeable is the impressive transformation of your smile.

White fillings

Nowadays, we fill a cavity with a tooth coloured white filling which is hardly noticeable at all when you laugh or smile, this treatment although necessary for health purposes also enhances the look of your smile, we can exchange old metal fillings for new white ones should you wish to.

Porcelain veneers

Veneers are a permanent and irreversible way to quickly transform a smile no matter the position or colour of the teeth. We will file down your natural teeth into a stamp-like shape in order to place custom made veneers over them. These veneers exactly mimic the colour, shape, and transparency of natural teeth and the right shade and size will be custom made to fit you perfectly. People often get veneers on the front 6 top and bottom teeth in order to help transform their smiles in a matter of only 2 appointments.

Tooth whitening

This treatment at your dentist in Buckinghamshire can be used to transform a dull, yellow or stained set of teeth into a bright gleaming smile.