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Do you have questions about clear braces in Beaconsfield?

If you have crooked, gapped or misaligned teeth, you can now get them aligned with an alternative solution to traditional metal braces: Six Month Smiles clear braces in Beaconsfield. Our experienced dental team at Garden View Dental Care will be happy to introduce this teeth straightening method to you and answer any questions you may have.

Clear Braces in BeaconsfieldHow do clear braces in Beaconsfield work?

Six Month Smiles clear braces move your teeth into their desired position by using a combination of clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. These clear braces in Beaconsfield focus on your front teeth. Six Month Smiles clear braces use gentle pressure to move the teeth into alignment.

Do Six Month Smiles really only take six months to work?

This treatment is suitably named because on average it only takes six months to produce the desired results. Some patients may see results in four months, while others may require treatment for nine months. However, on average most patients will straighten their smile in just half a year. Treatment time depends on many factors such as each patient’s dental needs and the extent of the misalignment treated. Since Six Month Smiles treatment is customised, different patients will experience different treatment lengths.

Why do clear braces work so quickly?

Unlike metal braces, Six Month Smiles clear braces focus only on the front teeth. These teeth only have a single tooth root, unlike the teeth further back in the mouth that have three tooth roots each. Consequently, less force is needed to move these teeth and they can be shifted along faster.

Am I a candidate for this treatment?

Six Month Smiles clear braces are a great option for adults who wish to straighten their teeth and fix minor to moderate misalignment issues without spending years wearing metal braces. However, if you have bite problems, then this treatment is not the right option for you. Talk to our dentist and we can arrange an alternative teeth straightening treatment for you, taking into consideration your dental needs and lifestyle.

To find out more about clear braces in Beaconsfield, please contact us for more information.