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Emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire

We at Garden View aim to make every experience at our practice a good one for all our patients. We know that facing a dental emergency can be a panicky time for many people who are in pain, are concerned about the look of their broken smile or are even nervous about dentists. This can be on top of having experienced a facial trauma that warrants an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire. But we take these unscheduled appointments in our stride to make you feel as comfortable and as reassured as possible that you are in good hands, and that we will do everything we can to restore your smile and oral health.


What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is something that absolutely cannot wait for a regular appointment, something that has severe bleeding and/or pain, as well as injuries that put the rest of the mouth at risk or the future of your health at risk if they are not seen immediately, these can include several instances.

Swelling – Severe swelling in the jaw, eye area, or throat after dental surgery or facial trauma is very risky and is considered an emergency that needs to be seen to immediately, do not hesitate to call our practice if you experience unexpected swelling.

Knocked-out tooth – If a tooth has been knocked out it may still be able to be re-implanted and restored to its former position if you are able to find the tooth and bring it into your emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire as soon as possible. If you do manage to do this, try to keep the tooth moist in your mouth in order to keep it alive so that we can put it back in. Applying ice to the outside of the face to reduce swelling in the area and pressure to stop the bleeding can greatly help your chances of restoration.

Bleeding – Bleeding that will not abate, especially following a tooth extraction surgery or due to a cut in the mouth is something that needs to be seen immediately and without hesitation.

Chipped or broken teeth – A chipped tooth can sometimes wait for a regular appointment, however, if that tooth is putting the rest of the mouth at risk by cutting open the lips or cheeks then it needs to be seen to. Broken or cracked teeth can be incredibly painful and may need to be attended to with all due haste in order to avoid an infection entering the tooth’s pulp.

Pain – Tooth pain that does not go away with over-the-counter pain medication and causes you to be incapable of functioning normally can be rather urgent, and we recommend you call into your emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire to make an emergency appointment to try to sort out the cause of your pain.

Burst abscess – This may involve a severe amount of bleeding as well as pus and needs to be taken care of immediately, an abscess can spread the infection to the rest of your body and even cause septicemia which is why it is important to seek emergency dental care for the sake of your future health.