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Everyone’s talking about teeth whitening

Gone are the days when teeth whitening was just for the rich and famous. Teeth whitening in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding area is now available to most patients, here at Garden View, and we can help to lighten the existing natural colour of your teeth, without damaging any of the tooth surface.

teeth-whiteningTeeth whitening has been practiced by dentists for over one hundred years, and now teeth whitening in Buckinghamshire is becoming more and more popular. At Garden View, our teeth whitening can be achieved in two ways:

  • Power teeth whitening. For this procedure the patient remains at the dental centre, and the dentist will carry out the whitening for you. We will protect the surrounding gums whilst we do the teeth whitening. We apply a gel to each tooth, and then place a lamp over your mouth which helps to gel the gel working. We expect your teeth to look whiter within one hour, and some patients are happy with one treatment, whilst others prefer to have several treatments over a short period of time.
  • Home teeth whitening. For home teeth whitening in Buckinghamshire you will need to come into the practice so that our dentist can take a mould of your mouth. This mould is used to create a plastic mouth guard which you can then wear at home. We will provide you with a solution to put into the guard, which you wear for a few hours every day. Our patients can usually expect to see a difference in the colour of their teeth within two weeks.

The colour of our teeth is determined by our genetics, therefore it varies between individuals, although our teeth do tend to naturally darken as we get older, and this can be speeded up by the amount of coffee, red wine, and other staining foods we consume, as well as smoking. If you are looking for teeth whitening in Buckinghamshire, feel free to contact Garden View, we will be more than happy to talk you through the processes we offer, and book you in for a no obligation consultation with our dentist.