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Fed up with persistently bad breath? 5 things that could be the cause by Garden View

There is a reason it is seen as a social faux-pas.


While there are many causes of bad breath, such as eating garlic or dehydration, if you notice that your breath is a bit aromatically unpleasant most of the time, it is time to book a dental appointment.

In society today, there are many ways to alleviate bad breath, such as chewing gum, but as bad breath is not a condition in itself, it should be taken seriously if it is persistent. As it may indicate any number of health issues, it may be worth ditching the gum and calling our team instead; you will save a lot of money on chewing gum and breath mints!

At Garden View, we have helped many patients freshen their breath and improve their oral health. While our dentist in Buckinghamshire will target each treatment to the patient, we will endeavour to identify the underlying cause of your poor breath and treat it. If required, we can refer you for other procedures, such as a scale and polish, to prevent the recurrence of bad breath too. Perfect!

But what could your persistent bad breath indicate? And why is it so important to see our dentist in Buckinghamshire if you have it? Read on to find out.

Periodontal disease

Perhaps the number one culprit of bad breath is periodontal (gum) disease, such as gingivitis.

Put simply, if your gums are inflamed, they are more likely to bleed regularly and so, proteins from your blood provide more food for oral bacteria to feed on. Yikes!

Our dentist in Buckinghamshire can provide you with a specialist mouthwash to reduce the inflammation caused by gum disease and can refer you for a scale and polish to remove associated plaque.

Tooth decay

It could be a minor cavity or caused by a cracked filling, but tooth decay is another cause of bad breath.

As these can be detected with regular dental check-ups, it is important to see our team twice a year, and our hygienist at least once a year, to identify and treat any new or pre-existing decay.

Acid reflux

How does acid reflux impact on your breath and how can a dental team help?

Well, in instances of prolonged acid-reflux, our team is likely to notice acid erosion on your teeth, making them more susceptible to cavities, cracks and other issues.

We can provide you with an acid neutralising mouthwash, to reduce the damage reflux causes to your teeth, which will improve your breath too!

Poor hygiene

If you brush your teeth every couple of days, you are more likely to have chronic bad breath.

This is because odour causing bacteria isn’t being removed regularly, and is accumulating on your teeth and gums; so it is important to keep up good oral hygiene.


Do you smoke? In many instances, poor breath can be caused by lifestyle factors such as smoking. Ask our team for advice on smoking cessation and other factors that could cause bad breath.