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Has the population finally kicked their cigarette habit?

According to global market research company Mintel, 2014 was the first year (hopefully of many) in which the cigarette market received a decrease in sales. This strongly indicates that people are becoming more health conscious and possibly more aware of how smoking can negatively affect their appearance. Although kicking the habit has massive health and aesthetic benefits, what damage has it already done to the teeth of previous smokers?

teeth-whitening-in-BuckinghamshireReversing the effects

Many former smokers notice that their teeth have been stained a darker or yellow shade, due to the nicotine and tar contained in tobacco. However, these effects need not be permanent; dental practice Garden View Dental Care offer teeth whitening in Buckinghamshire to reverse this discoloration. There are two types of safe treatments the clinic offers to help tackle the stains: home whitening which involves wearing a custom tray mouth guard that’s lined with whitening gel at night as you sleep, and a procedure undertaken at the clinic using the whitening gel and a lamp to activate the bleaching process. The second method gives results over a shorter period of time, and is called power teeth whitening. Buckinghamshire ex-smokers can rest assured with the realisation that the cigarettes they smoked in the past, don’t have to dictate how their teeth will look in the future!

Garden View Dental Care is host to warm and friendly staff and a highly experienced dentist and dental hygienist that will perform the power whitening procedure, or guide you through the process of home teeth whitening. Buckinghamshire residents can also take advantage of the other cosmetic procedures offered at the practice that can further improve the appearance of their teeth. The other procedures include: porcelain veneers, white fillings, and diastema closure.

What next?

Please visit the cosmetic dentistry page on the Garden View dental care website to find out more about smile enhancing procedures including teeth whitening. Buckinghamshire residents can call the practice on 01494 674875 or email them on for further information on any procedures or to book an appointment. What are you waiting for? Take the next steps towards healthier looking teeth and a more confident you!