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Heard that a root canal will cause irreparable damage? Five endodontic myths debunked by Garden View

Along with braces, root canals are one of the most disliked of all dental procedures.


While you may have heard all manner of horror stories revolving around this procedure, it is actually a very straightforward treatment that reaps many long-term benefits for the person who is undertaking it.

It may be tempting to say no to a root canal and ask for an extraction of the offending tooth as an alternative, but in choosing this option, you are missing out on the myriad advantages that are to be gained from endodontics. Also, if you are someone who takes pride in their smile, given the option of the most aesthetically pleasing procedure, the root canal wins over an extraction every time!

Our team at Garden View is aware of the worries our patients have about root canals and want to separate the myths from the facts about this procedure. Our dentist in Buckinghamshire performs thousands of root canals every year, and has seen at first-hand how beneficial this procedure can be for maintaining good oral health, and keeping your smile in one piece!

So, time to separate the myths from the facts!

Myth – Root canals are painful

Fact- Before our dentist in Buckinghamshire begins your root canal treatment, your mouth will be sufficiently numbed.

However, while many people who have root canals performed will be in discomfort before the procedure, a root canal is actually likely to eradicate the pain caused by the infection. Meaning that all you have to lose from this process is discomfort!

Myth – Root canals aren’t suitable for pregnant women

Fact- Before undertaking any endodontic treatment, our dentist in Buckinghamshire will perform an X-ray on your jaw. This will be to assess the damage the infection or trauma has caused to your tooth below the gum. It will also enable them to see the spread of the infection.

Pregnant women can and do have root canals performed and the radiation exposure from the X-ray is minimal, meaning it will not harm the baby. The anaesthetics used during this procedure are also safe for pregnant women.

Myth – Root canals weaken the tooth

Fact- Drilling through the centre of a tooth does initially weaken it.

However, once your root canal has been performed, our team will top it with either a crown or a filling, ensuring that your tooth remains strong and does not fracture. Simple!

Myth – Root canals are only required if there is discomfort

Fact- A damaged pulp does not always cause pain; our team is trained to identify issues with the pulp of a tooth through either infection or damage. If the pulp of your tooth is identified as needing repair, then our team will suggest a root canal to save it.

Myth – Root canals cause the tooth’s roots to be removed

Fact- While the name suggests the roots of the tooth are involved, they are not.

A root canal removes the pulp of the tooth and leaves the roots in place. We agree – the naming is indeed odd!