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How cosmetic dentistry can benefit your health

Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic dentistry isn’t only about aesthetics. At Garden View Dental Care in Buckinghamshire, we are always keen to point out that many cosmetic procedures have additional health benefits, too.

teeth-whiteningA happy smile tends to be a healthier smile. When you come into Garden View Dental Care in Buckinghamshire for a cosmetic dentistry consultation, your dentist will conduct a thorough clinical examination, to establish whether there are any underlying health concerns behind your cosmetic issues.

The most commonly requested procedure in the world of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening treatment. This should only be carried out on a healthy mouth, and you must consult a dentist for any type of teeth whitening.

Whilst teeth whitening is effective on common stains such as those caused by dietary factors or smoking, it doesn’t work on every type of stain. It may shock you to discover that the biggest cause of tooth staining in the UK is visible dental plaque.

This isn’t just an aesthetic issue. Plaque causes both gum disease and tooth decay, which can have serious implications for your oral and general health. If your dentist finds plaque to be the primary cause of your tooth staining, they will refer you to the hygienist at our Buckinghamshire clinic for a professional scale and polish, along with advice on how to stop plaque coming back.

Cosmetic dentistry can provide aesthetically appealing and functional solutions to tooth loss. At our Buckinghamshire clinic, we always emphasise the importance of replacing missing teeth one way or another.

Your cosmetic dentist may recommend an aesthetically appealing denture or bridge, and for a more secure long-term option that will also help to keep your jaw bone strong and healthy may recommend using dental implants to secure your new teeth in your mouth.

Crowns and fillings no longer have to be made from obvious metal. Instead, your Buckinghamshire clinician can use tooth-coloured fillings (made from strong and durable composite material) and crowns (made from such materials as porcelain).

Fillings restore and repair teeth damaged by decay or accidental breakage, whilst crowns provide extra reinforcement for damaged teeth.