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How does a dentist in Buckinghamshire use a ‘scale and polish’ to prevent dental diseases?

Two very common procedures in the dental toolbox to avert tooth and gum diseases are scaling and polishing. Sometimes our patients need additional treatments (in addition to home care of brushing teeth twice a day) to remove stubborn plaque and tartar build-up.

Dentists in BuckinghamshireWhy do plaque and tartar accumulate in teeth? The bacterial film found on teeth intermixes with the sugar converted from the foods you eat. This process places the teeth in a highly acidic environment.  The risk of this acidic environment is the threat of damage to the tooth enamel and root and can also result in staining. This is why at Garden View Dental Care, we urge our patients to adhere to a comprehensive dental hygiene routine religiously.  Our dentists in Buckinghamshire  offer a number of preventative treatments to protect your smile.

When is scaling and polishing applicable?

The process of scaling is often compared to the act of stripping peeling paint off a wall. The goal behind this treatment process is to remove hardened dental plaque from teeth. The process is not only used on teeth but on roots as well, especially where evidence of periodontal pockets, (where bacteria have affected gums), are detected.

Scaling can leave teeth feeling rough which then requires the treatment of polishing to smooth the teeth. This process is also an opportune time a dental practitioner may use to apply fluoride to the teeth for additional protection.

The thorough dental cleaning process of scaling and polishing are suitable for patients of varying ages. A consultation with your dentist can confirm if your situation can best benefit from this deeper dental care. Our dentists in Buckinghamshire will carefully explain the process involved and take the time to address any concerns.

Extraordinary benefits of scaling and polishing

The accumulation of plaque and tartar on teeth is a common natural occurrence. Regular brushing gets rid of a large proportion of bacteria but a professional clean remains the most effective method of getting rid of bacteria completely.

In addition to preventing tooth decay and gum disease, here are more reasons why we recommend a scale and polish to protect your dental health:

  1. Detect potential problems before they become major problems

Before a dental practitioner undertakes to perform scaling and polishing, they will examine your teeth and gums to detect signs of dental–related problems from gum disease to oral cancer.

  1. Eliminate bad breath

Bacteria build-up can release substances responsible for halitosis.  Bad breath may also indicate a gum disease problem. Deep cleaning through scaling and polishing is an often recommended treatment to tackle this bad breath.

  1. Good for your overall health

Scientific evidence has drawn a strong correlation between poor oral health, gum disease in particular, and certain serious life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Now looking after teeth and gum health by effectively removing tartar and plaque is also good for the heart.

Depending on your particular situation, more than one session of scaling and polishing may be required to completely get rid of stains, plaque and tartar build-up. To maintain healthy and bright smiles, regular dental check-ups are necessary to not only detect and prevent problems but to also keep teeth clean.