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Is it possible to achieve straighter teeth in only 6 months?

Adult patients who are ready to take the plunge and look into their teeth straightening options, might benefit from Six Month Smiles. This innovative treatment with braces uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires to help patients reach their smile goals within 6 months – or less!

Clear braces in Beaconsfield have grown in popularity in recent years and are now widely available. At Garden View Dental Care, patients who are interested in clear braces treatment, should schedule an appointment with our experienced dental team. Not only will we examine your teeth, but we will also help you make an informed decision about your smile.

Clear Braces in BeaconsfieldHow do clear braces in Beaconsfield work?

The mechanism behind Six Month Smiles is really simple. These braces work just like regular braces, but instead of moving the roots of the teeth, they just focus on the crowns of the front teeth – the ‘visible 6’. This way patients can achieve a better smile in a significantly shorter amount of time compared to other teeth straightening treatments.

Are these braces painful?

A lot of patients mistakenly think that fast treatment means painful treatment – that is not the case with clear braces in Beaconsfield. The pressure put on the teeth by these braces is considerably milder compared to regular braces – more importantly, your dentist will not extract any teeth. With Six Month Smiles clear braces in Beaconsfield you can feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

Can I combine this treatment with cosmetic dentistry?

Six Month Smiles braces are quite versatile and can be combined with other cosmetic treatments to allow patients achieve a complete smile makeover. Some of these treatments can be performed while you are wearing the braces to allow maximum effectiveness and better time management.

Can everyone have Six Month Smiles clear braces in Beaconsfield?

Six Month Smiles braces are ideal for adults over 15 who wish to straighten their front teeth quickly and effectively. This is a viable option for moderately crooked, overlapped and spaced front teeth, but it cannot be used to treat severely misaligned teeth. To learn more about these braces and test your eligibility, contact us today.