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Six months – is it really possible?

Dentistry moves on all the time and, at Garden View Dental, we like to keep abreast of what is going on so that you get the latest and greatest treatments available.

Moving teeth is, at the moment, a fairly set process that takes as long as it takes for the body to respond and change the position of the teeth. Applying consistent pressure to the tooth for 72 hours or more stimulates a reaction that begins to move it in the direction indicated by the gentle force. This movement generally takes place over a number of months. That being said, techniques have developed that focus the intention of the treatment on less teeth to get an aesthetically pleasing effect that has enough of an impact for many people. This can be achieved in something like four to nine months but an average of six.

Six Month Smiles in BuckinghamshireWe offer such a treatment at Garden View Dental, Buckinghamshire. Six Month Smiles is a technique that considers the aesthetics of both your treatment and the result to be very important. The brackets and wires of this system are clear and tooth coloured so they blend in with the teeth, making them subtle while they are busy smoothing out your smile.

The braces are custom made for you and then returned to our clinic in Buckinghamshire. Six Month Smiles position the brackets in patient trays based on their experience and on impressions taken of your teeth by your dentist. These are then fitted onto your teeth back at your clinic. The whole procedure is relatively quick and comfortable.

Your dentist will stick with you throughout the treatment and monitor your progress. They will also give you advice on how to care for your braces and ensure that your mouth stays fresh and clean. You will need to commit to assiduous oral hygiene practices in order to get the best out of this advice.

Making the choice to get something like Six Month Smiles in Buckinghamshire is one that will lead you to a beautiful smile in less time that you may have imagined and without having to put your life on hold in the meantime while you have obtrusive work done. We look forward to providing this solution for you.