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Teeth whitening – all you need to know about brightening up your smile

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment in the world, and it’s not hard to see why – the desire for a bright and dazzling smile is, after all, somewhat universal. Buckinghamshire dental practice Garden View offers two options for professional teeth whitening treatment, guaranteed to produce results that you will want to show off to everyone you meet.

teeth-whitening-BuckinghamshireSafety first

If you are exploring your teeth whitening options, it’s important to remember that by law it can only be prescribed by a dentist. There are several reasons for this, all of them designed to protect your safety.

At our Buckinghamshire dental practice we are aware that there are many products available on the open market that claim to whiten your teeth. Options bought from a chemist or supermarket will probably be safe enough, but are unlikely to produce the results you want, meaning you will have wasted both your time and your money, and will still have stained teeth.

Products purchased from the internet may be of dubious origin, meaning that you can’t be sure where they came from or what’s in them. Some contain dangerously high levels of hydrogen peroxide (the dental bleaching agent used in teeth whitening) and can cause damage to your teeth and gums.

Similarly, beauticians and any other unlicensed providers of teeth whitening treatment must be avoided, because they can hurt you and leave you needing extensive restorative dental treatment. The General Dental Council takes a dim view of illegal teeth whitening, but it often takes someone to suffer harm to their teeth and gums before it is brought to their attention.

At Garden View Dental Care in Buckinghamshire, we offer two professional teeth whitening options. These both begin with a consultation with a cosmetic dentist.

Our Buckinghamshire clinic offers home teeth whitening, which you perform yourself under the supervision of your dentist, and which takes a fortnight; and power whitening, which your dentist carries our here in the dental practice in just one hour, while you sit back and relax.

Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured your Buckinghamshire clinician will provide safe and effective treatment.