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That Thing Called Teeth Gap: Everything to Know About Diastema

People from around the world consider teeth gaps unsightly. But, for the British people, this is not an area of concern. Some celebrities even retain this dental appeal, saying it makes them look more attractive and significant. But, teeth gap may be putting people’s oral health at risk.

diastemaDiastema, or the space between two teeth, appears mostly between the upper front ones. This usually occurs when there is a mismatch between the sizes of the teeth and jaw bone. Another reason is when a person has a missing or undersized tooth, which often happens with the upper lateral incisors. Some people, meanwhile, develop diastema due to a childhood habit of thumb sucking.

It is not that difficult to detect if a person already has teeth gap, especially when brushing or flossing. A practitioner can also easily spot spaces during an examination. Diastema can have a permanent effect, particularly if its cause is a mismatch between the sizes of the teeth and the jaw bone.

As enduring as it seems, people can prevent this problem from developing. Parents should cease the thumb sucking habits of their children as early as possible. But, for cases caused by mismatch teeth and bone or missing tooth, the only way to prevent the gap from widening is early treatment.

Is Treatment Merely for Appeal?

Treating diastema is more than just for a better appearance. Having gaps in between the teeth means there is a greater chance for food to get trapped and build up plaque. Plus, teeth are weaker when they are not compressed against each other. People with diastema may experience pain when chewing, and they are at higher risk of losing teeth.

Highly Efficient Gap Treatments

The most common treatment for diastema is dental braces. Metal braces, unlike invisible aligners, are more effective in moving the teeth together due to their greater pull. Some dentists also recommend using cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as crowns and veneers, bridges, dental implants and partial dentures.

Diastema can make a person’s smile unsightly. Here at Garden View Dental Care, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments to close the gap between your teeth. We provide the standard veneers and crowns, but also introduce a new special composite bonding technique – the ClarkMatrix treatment – which is perfect for closing the gaps. Contact us today or visit the office for more information.