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Think discomfort is the only sign of a dental emergency? Read on to learn about the more subtle indicators

When going about day to day life, most people know how to accurately identify an emergency; if you see a fire, it’s an emergency. Just saw someone get hit by a car? You call an emergency service!


Of course, these are all obvious examples. But, looking at more subtle signs, like that chip in your tooth from last week’s rugby game; is that an emergency?

It is easy to assume that one of the main signs of an emergency related to teeth is discomfort.

However, there are indeed more subtle signs which can highlight the need for a same-day appointment, many of which are overlooked by dental patients.

At Garden View, we know it can be hard to identify when a tooth needs urgent treatment or can wait a few weeks. But, if you do need a same-day appointment, our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield will be able to slot you in. Our surgery leaves appointments open each day to accommodate dental emergencies, and so, if you need an urgent appointment, you can count on us!

But what are some of the more subtle signs that you need to see our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield? Read on to find out our top five!

Aching and bleeding gums

If you like to brush hard or get a bit too into it when flossing, then some minor amounts of bleeding may be considered normal to you; while you may need to see our hygienist for some top-up sessions in the correct flossing or brushing techniques, this is not an emergency.

However, if your gums ache or bleed a lot after you brush, you need to see our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield. This can indicate an excessive amount of bacteria on the gum line which, if left unchecked, can get under your gums and cause issues like abscesses or even tooth loss.

Loose tooth or teeth

Indicative of either damage to the jaw or nerve, a loose tooth should never be overlooked in an adult.

It may also indicate that you are experiencing severe gingivitis or another type of oral infection. If left unchecked, any of these conditions will get worse and cause further havoc in your mouth!

Metallic taste in your mouth

An interesting symptom associated with older, metal-based fillings, a prominent metallic taste in your mouth may point to either a cracked or damaged filling.

Urgent dental care is required, as this could lead to further cavities forming or even a dental infection.

Bruised feeling in your jaw

If you notice a sensation that is similar to a bruise, this could be the first stage of an abscess forming.

Of course, this needs urgent attention, as the discomfort will worsen and the infection may spread and become harder to treat.

Chips and cracks

A common occurrence, both chipped and cracked teeth left untreated are more susceptible to decay and can cause dental infections. If you notice a chipped tooth, even if it isn’t causing discomfort, see our emergency dental team immediately!