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What are the benefits of choosing an emergency dentist?

As dental emergencies are often unexpected occurrences, and accompanied by intense pain and discomfort, having a reputable dental practitioner available to provide reliable dental care should be every patient’s top priority. And these emergencies usually require professional dental attention. Even though a knocked-out tooth may not seem like an emergency situation; it is. It has been found that a single missing tooth can have dire consequences for the entire mouth structure which will have consequences further down the line. At Garden View dental clinic we have an Emergency Dentist in Beaconsfield to provide dental care in critical situations. We encourage patients to put appropriate plans in place to protect their oral health for when professional dental attention is required and they are under undue stress and pain.


An Emergency Dentist in Beaconsfield is a dental practitioner specifically trained to provide critical dental care. The timely actions and skills of our Emergency Dentist in Beaconsfield can not only ease the discomfort of the patient but may save him or her from the additional costs of replacement treatments. Consider for a moment the difference in costs if a natural tooth is saved (this is highly possible if proper dental care is sought as a matter of urgency) instead of having an artificial restoration.

3 Reasons to seek dental care from an emergency dentist

  • Professional dental care

A dental clinic offering urgent dental care will be staffed by experienced professionals with the proper skills and knowledge and have the relevant dental tools to take care of any dental emergency.

  • Treat the source of the pain or problem quickly

With their intimate knowledge of oral structures, a dental practitioner is best placed to get to the root of the dental issue quicker than a general medical professional would. This means that a patient spends less time in pain or discomfort.

  • Prevent further compromised oral health

A gum infection may not seem like an overly worrying condition. Yes, there may be some discomfort but patients often make the wrong choice of pushing through this discomfort until they cannot handle it anymore. We do not encourage this approach.  Swollen or tender gums may not seem life-threatening but ignoring the problem could cause it to escalate, and progress to a more advanced stage that threatens the health of natural teeth as well as impacting one’s overall physical health.

 No one likes the thought of a dental emergency which is perhaps why so many patients do not have plans in place to deal with one when it occurs. It is the general consensus among all our patients that dental emergencies are inconveniences we could do without. The best way to reduce the associated stress experienced by the patient and their loved ones is to know beforehand that quality professional dental care is available if it is needed.

 It is always best for patients to take the responsible road to ensure their dental health. If you are not sure whether the situation necessitates urgent dental care; consult a dentist. Get quality dental care in times of an emergency. Find out how we at Garden View dental clinic can help. Contact us today.