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Why clear braces are a practical consideration for senior patients

Clear Braces in Buckinghamshire no longer belong to the realm of teenagers and young adults. Patients in their senior years can also benefit from viable orthodontic treatments. With age the body undergoes all sorts of changes and the mouth structures are no different.  Patients may have previously had a gleaming set of straight teeth but the situation can change as they get older. Some of the common dental issues many older patients experience include excessive tooth wear, teeth shifting out of alignment, and the formation of gaps.


Modern healthcare has contributed to longer lifespans. Senior patients are living longer and are often more engaged in social activities in their retirement years.  Self-confidence can play a significant part in socially active lifestyles – self-confidence that can be boosted by straight smiles and healthy teeth.

Orthodontic care offers a lot more than just aesthetic value

Orthodontic concerns, such as overcrowding or misaligned bites, have an impact on oral health that goes beyond cosmetice value. There are associated issues that include tooth decay, the loss of bone quality, and lack of adequate gum support.  It is primarily for these reasons that we encourage senior patients to seek professional dental treatments at a reputable dental clinic. Here are a few more  ways dental braces can help patients in their senior years.

  • Improved mouth function

Clear Braces in Buckinghamshire can be used to promote oral functions. A key benefit is better chewing efficiency. When teeth do not align properly, this can result in reduced chewing functionality and restrictions placed on what one can eat.

  • Proper maintenance

Correct teeth alignment improves a patient’s ability to  better take care of their oral health. It is easier to clean straighter teeth than it is to clean crooked teeth. With more effective cleaning, teeth are less likely to see the appearance of cavities or the development of gum problems. Patients opting for Clear Braces in Buckinghamshire to address their maintenance issues are less likely to need more costly dental care later on.

  • Enhanced overall health

Orthodontic problems can cause discomfort and correcting these issues can enhance overall wellbeing. Temporomandibular joints (TMJ), headaches and muscle pain, reduce quality of life.

Many of the common dental conditions that are a result of ageing teeth can be successfully treated with orthodontic treatments. Why not take advantage of dental technology that can address issues such as cracked teeth and gum recession? Older patients should be aware that in order to benefit from braces, they need to satisfy the dental practitioner that their gums are disease-free, and that the quality of their jawbone is suitable to receive treatment.

Being proactive about orthodontic care helps patients take control of their oral health. Thanks to the array of orthodontic options available in the dental industry today, senior patients can choose the most suitable option for them. Our experienced and compassionate dental practitioners at Garden View dental clinic can help you with your orthodontic needs. Call our office today to schedule a consultation. We offer a range of braces to choose from.