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Worried about visiting the dentist? How our Wand at Garden View can help

It can be a somewhat unnerving experience for dental patients who require a filling; after they are reassured by their dental professional that it will be minor, they are then faced with a large needle containing the numbing agent. Far from calming!


Along with drills and the odours associated with dental surgery, many patients rank the numbing injection needle as one of their top worries when they visit their surgery for a check-up.

While some patients can come to terms with the sight of the needle, patients who have more intense dental phobias fail to cope and often avoid dental check-ups for years on end simply because they dislike these needles.

As dentistry has advanced in its treatment of phobic patients, there are now solutions to many of the average worries that patients will have. And, when you come to Garden View for your dental treatment, our dentist in Buckinghamshire will use the Wand to numb your gums.

Never heard of the Wand? Read on for the advantages it offers over typical injections.

It looks inconspicuous

Let’s be honest; the traditional dental injection needle is far from a pleasant sight.

Usually composed of a silver syringe and the long, black needle, it is no wonder so many dental patients dislike it!

When you come to our dentist in Buckinghamshire, you may be surprised at the appearance of the Wand; it looks like a pen! With no sterile surfaces and no enormous needle, it is much easier to feel relaxed as it is placed into your mouth to administer the numbing relief.

It is targeted

Many dental patients complain that when they have been injected, one entire side of their face goes numb.

Not so with the Wand! As our dentist in Buckinghamshire will tell you, it offers a more targeted approach to numbing the required area, meaning no discomfort during the procedure and no sagging face afterwards!

Also, it’s effects wear off much quicker, allowing you to go about your day as normal after the dental appointment.

It is painless

And of course, one of the main advantages that the Wand offers over traditional dental injections is that it is painless to use.

The needle contained within the Wand is thinner and shorter than needles which are typically used to numb a patient’s mouth, and with our team’s expert training and skill in using the Wand, you won’t even know that you have had an injection.

It is time-saving

If you have had a filling or an extraction in the last 10 years at an NHS dentist, you may remember having to wait around while the numbing injection took effect.

As the Wand is more targeted, it saves a great deal of time for both you and our team. Once injected, the surrounding area becomes instantly numb, meaning that you will have less time in the dental chair and an overall shorter appointment. And of course, there is nothing more popular for a nervous dental patient than a shorter appointment!