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Looking for an emergency dentist in the Beaconsfield area?

Garden View Dental in Beaconsfield has worked hard to establish its reputation for offering first class dental treatment along with an unparalleled level of patient care. We are pleased to offer our patients a comprehensive dental service, ensuring our patients maintain good oral health and we offer emergency dental services when needed.

beaconsfield-emergency-dentistWhy might I need emergency dental care?

If you have developed a toothache out of the blue, or have damaged one of your teeth in an accident or have any other dental problem that is affecting your day and it feels it absolutely cannot wait, you will probably need an emergency dentist. It is important if you have lost a tooth in a sporting accident, or some other incident, to see a dentist urgently, as it will affect the outcome of the treatment. Basically the sooner you can get to see a dentist the more likely it is that they will be able to save your tooth. If the pain and level of dental disturbance is interfering with your daily business, you may not be able to go down the usual route of booking a first appointment with your dentist. Perhaps you haven’t been to the dentist in a while and are not registered with one, but you have developed sudden onset dental pain, or you have a swelling which could be the start of an abscess that needs immediate attention. Well you don’t need to suffer any longer. If you are in need of an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire contact Garden View Dental Care of Beaconsfield immediately. We offer professional and caring emergency dentist advice, and will be able to rectify the problem for you as soon as possible. Sometimes we will provide temporary treatment so you are comfortable and not in any pain, or we might prescribe antibiotics and then look to book you in again for further treatment at a later date if necessary, to complete the treatment.

Who are Garden View Dental Care?

We are a professional and highly regarded dental service located in Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire. Along with being a popular emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire, we are pleased to offer a full and comprehensive range of dental treatments. We are passionate about teeth and believe that preventive dentistry and good oral care is at the heart of good dental health. We offer check-ups along with screening for mouth cancer, cleaning and routine dentistry to our patients both far and wide. If you have broken or damaged teeth you will need particular treatments, and we offer restorative dentistry such as implants, along with bridgework, crowns and dentures as required. We also specialise in orthodontics to gently persuade and align teeth into their desired positions using braces. We also offer the Invisalign teeth alignment system, truly a revolutionary advancement in orthodontics, which helps to align your teeth discreetly and are a lot less obtrusive and much easier to manage than standard braces. If it’s a gleaming smile you are after well look no further, we offer the very latest in cosmetic teeth whitening treatments and porcelain veneers if required. So if you are looking for a dentist in the Buckinghamshire area, Garden View Dental Care will soon have you smiling.

What happens at an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire?

An accident resulting in injury to the teeth or mouth can be very distressing. By being prepared with valuable information on how to deal in such situations, and going to see an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire as soon as possible, you are able to potentially minimise any lasting damage that has been done.

Emergency Dentist in BuckinghamshireBy calling us as soon as you can, following an accident or an injury, we can guide you through the best ways to salvage the situation. We will book an appointment for you at the earliest possible convenience, as the sooner that you see our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire, the better your chances are that your knocked out teeth can be re-implanted, and the damage can be identified and dealt with effectively.

When you come in to see us, there are some steps that we will take to ensure that you receive the best possible immediate care. Depending on the extent of the injury, you may need to return at a later date, after we have temporarily fixed a tooth, or teeth, that have been damaged.

We will thoroughly inspect the injured area, possibly taking x-rays so that we can determine what the full extent of the damage may be. If you are in pain, rest assured that we can numb the area with a local anaesthetic to help relieve you of discomfort for some time.

Next, we will thoroughly clean and sterilize the area to reduce the risk of infection. This can be one of the major complications with any injury and is critical to your healing. After care includes appropriate cleaning and disinfecting of the injured site. We will instruct you on how you can do this at home correctly, and you may be asked to see us again from time to time, whilst you heal, so that we can monitor your progress.

Severe cases may require you to have a tooth removed. We will consult with you what your options are regarding a replacement tooth, should this be the case. If we are unable to permanently fix any injury during this appointment, we will ask you to return at a later date.

What is deemed an emergency?

It isn’t only knocked out teeth that should be immediately seen by one of our dentists. A chipped or broken tooth should also be seen by us promptly, as should a broken crown, a chipped filling, any facial swelling, abscesses, trauma or pain.

We are here to take care of any, and all of your injuries, to ensure that you are able to heal quickly and avoid further complications that may arise in the future. By looking at each case in a non-judgemental, compassionate and professional way, you can feel comfortable knowing that you will receive valuable and insightful advice on your situation and brilliant dental care that eliminates complications, rather than adds to them.

With prompt care during emergencies, you can ensure that we are able to improve your long term oral health, which will inevitably improve your overall wellbeing.

Worried about a painful swelling in your mouth? Reasons to visit our emergency dentists in Buckinghamshire

No one likes a medical emergency. Trips to A&E, or visiting GP hubs can take hours out of a day and leave you feeling tired and stressed when you leave. While many people are aware of what constitutes a trip to A&E related to physical or mental ailments, few people are informed about which conditions warrant a trip to an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire.

Emergency Dentist in BuckinghamshireDental emergencies are just as serious as other forms of medical emergency and should not be treated as an afterthought. At Garden View Dental Care, our team of emergency dentists in Buckinghamshire are dedicated to treating all emergencies quickly and efficiently, to get you out of discomfort in the quickest possible time.

So what is classified as an emergency by our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire?

Painful swelling

It is true that pain is relative and therefore can be quite difficult to standardise, but you know which pains are abnormal in your body better than we do. If you have a sudden, painful swelling under a tooth, under your tongue or inner cheek, you should book an emergency appointment, especially if the swelling looks blue or purple.

Sudden, painful swellings tend to be abscesses, which require emergency treatment to minimise the pain and treat the infection. A confirmed abscess will need a follow up appointment with your regular dentist after you have seen a member of our emergency team.

Excessive pain

Once again, this can be difficult to define, but excessive pain is best described as a pain which prevents you from eating, drinking and sleeping.

This can be a pain in a tooth or teeth, under a tooth or teeth or in your jawline. It is important to be seen as soon as possible as our dentists will alleviate the discomfort and identify the source.

Cracked or chipped tooth

Common if you are a sporty type, chipped or cracked teeth of any degree require emergency attention.

Even if you are not in discomfort, a cracked or chipped tooth can allow bacteria to enter the tooth and infect the pulp if untreated; our dental team will restore the tooth with a composite resin and ensure that all microscopic holes are sealed.

Unrelenting bleeding

Once again, if you are into contact sports like rugby, bleeding from the mouth is par for the course. However, if you are experiencing a constant flow of blood following an impact or an extraction, you must see a dentist as soon as you can, to prevent further blood loss and ensure the cause is identified and treated.

Lost filling or crown

A common occurrence, a lost filling or crown needs to be restored as soon as possible.

Losing a filling or crown is very uncomfortable and it can allow further decay to occur on the tooth or allow bacteria to infect the pulp, causing an abscess, which is extremely uncomfortable.

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Suffering from sudden, intense dental pain? Issues that require visiting an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire

It can be tricky to know what warrants emergency treatment. With many accident and emergency departments declaring which issues require urgent treatment and which ones do not, it can leave many people feeling unsure if the condition they are suffering from is really an emergency.

Emergency Dentists in BuckinghamshireThis is also an issue in the world of dentistry; most people will suffer from dental pain at some point in their life, but when does this pain require emergency treatment? At Garden View Dental Care, we offer treatments with our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire and are dedicated to resolving your dental issue as soon as we can.

Types of dental emergencies

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, please see one of our emergency dentists in Buckinghamshire immediately.

Acute dental pain

One of the most common reasons people see our emergency dentists in Buckinghamshire is because of sudden, intense dental pain.

This type of pain may feel like a burning, throbbing pain that can stop you from eating, drinking or sleeping. This pain may indicate a dental abscess or a lost or loose filling. When you experience dental pain that is interfering with your everyday functioning, it is time to see a dentist.

Swelling to your face or mouth

If you have an abnormal swelling in your mouth or face, you need to see a dentist.

Even if it doesn’t hurt, facial swelling can indicate an infection and any type of oral swelling should be investigated immediately, especially if it is painful to touch or appears unusually dark compared to the surrounding tissue.


Bleeding from your mouth can occur for many reasons.

If you have recently had a dental extraction, have had a minor collision or blow to the face, then it is normal to experience some bleeding from your mouth.

Even if you are only bleeding slightly but it is a constant flow, you need to see an emergency dentist; they can assess the cause of the bleed and will be able to send you to A&E if required for treatment.

Chipped or cracked teeth

Commonly experienced by those who undertake high contact sports, chipped or cracked teeth may not seem as urgent as the other issues on this list.

Even if your cracked or chipped tooth does not hurt, you need to get it assessed by an emergency dentist as soon as you can. If left untreated, the tooth may crack further or allow bacteria into the tooth, which can infect the pulp and can lead to further issues.

When to go to A&E

If you have suffered a severe injury to the face, mouth or teeth, please go to your nearest A&E department.

If you are experiencing severe bleeding in your mouth or your dental pain is causing you to feel dizzy and sick, please go to an A&E department, as these symptoms may indicate the onset of sepsis. Anything that worries you can be treated by those trained to do so and that includes your emergency dentist.

What constitutes an emergency dentist appointment at Garden View?

An emergency appointment at our practice will cover several steps. Initially, one of our dental professionals will look over the affected area, this will entail a vigorous examination and then may require an X-ray to assess the severity and the extent of the damage. Minor incidents can vary in their level of pain. If our patient is experiencing an uncomfortable level, we may decide to administer a relief such as a local anesthetic. Risk of infection can be extremely high within the mouth, therefore our dentist team may decide to disinfect and sterilise the area in order to try and reduce the risk of infection. Our team will then decide on the best possible option, we may decide on a temporary or permanent solution, in more severe cases the tooth may be removed, and an implant alternative may need to be discussed.

Emergency Dentist in BuckinghamshireWhy might I need an emergency dentist appointment?

An individual may need an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire if they have an incident that may lead to further medical or dental complications. Examples of reasons why someone may need an emergency appointment are chipped or broken teeth, or maybe even a tooth missing altogether, this may be as a result of an accident. If one of these incidents does occur, it is important to book an emergency dentist appointment at your local clinic. The sooner an individual sees a professional after an incident, the higher the chances of the teeth being saved, depending on the severity of the incident. If you feel you require an emergency dental appointment you should call your local dentist in order to book as soon as possible. At Garden View we offer emergency dental appointments for a variety of concerns, we treat minor cases such as a chipped tooth, to more severe concerns like facial swelling. Within our emergency appointments our main aim is to reduce further complications and allow fast and painless healing where possible.

Why choose us for your emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire?

At Garden View we are able to offer last minute appointments as well as easing patients’ nerves within a relaxed atmosphere, we boast a modern and calm environment. Our team displays a variety of highly qualified professionals including hygienists. We pride ourselves on making our appointments as convenient as possible, as well as making the whole experience as smooth as we can for nervous patients.  Sometimes this can be common when someone has to have an emergency dentist appointment.

What if I am nervous about visiting a dentist?

When it comes to emergency dental treatment it can be detrimental to our patients if they are faced with anxiety about visiting a dentist. If an individual does feel nervous about seeing a professional, and delays a visit, their incident may lead to long-term damage and infection. Individuals may experience anxiety within a dental/orthodontic environment due to previous negative experiences, or simply due to an irrational fear or phobia. At our practice we help patients feel at ease. We offer treatments that are as painless as possible, and an initial consultation to help ease any concerns whilst we outline a suitable treatment plan for you.

How our emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire can benefit you

Here at Garden View in Buckinghamshire, we are committed to providing the highest level of quality, professionalism and care within dentistry – in a calming and comforting environment. Our friendly, welcoming and approachable close-knit family team of dental professionals will help ease any pre-dentist worries. If they don’t manage however, then the idyllic surroundings and our fabled garden view from the practice will surely calm anyone. We’ve been serving the local Buckinghamshire community for over twenty years now, and like to feel we are a staple in the social tapestry of the area. We feel that by being an ever-present entity in the local community, and making an active effort to know our patients personally, the barriers of conventional dentistry can be lifted and a far more positive experience can come to pass. Treatment here at Garden View is only carried out by a practitioner in whom the patient trusts and with whom they share a good rapport. Treatment only begins once the patient feels comfortable with the procedure they are undertaking.

Emergency Dentist in BuckinghamshireClearly ingenious

One treatment which is particularly popular here is the installation of clear braces. These are an alternative method of discreet orthodontics, largely favoured over conventional fused metal ‘train-track’ braces which have a largely detrimental impact on their user’s outward appearance and can affect their self-esteem as a result. Treatment of this sort is largely popular with adults and young professionals who may wish to undertake essential orthodontic realignment, without attracting any unwanted attention from peers or colleagues. The basis of the treatment is largely similar to the installation of conventional metal braces, however the brackets and wires used are constructed from a see-through plastic alloy rather than metal – and as such they are far less noticeable when worn. Another advantage of this method of discreet orthodontics over conventional braces is that treatment generally lasts for less time, which is again a positive for young adults and teenagers who may wish to quickly achieve a straight smile in a way which does not draw any unwanted attention.

Emergency care

Another service which we offer here at Garden View is an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire for instances where teeth have been chipped, lost or damaged. If you have lost or damaged a tooth in any way, it is imperative that you seek treatment from an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. The sooner treatment is sought after injury the higher the chances that teeth can be restored easily – depending on the severity of the injury. When seeking emergency treatment here with us at Garden View, an initial examination will be taken to establish the extent of the damage and how best to combat it. An x-ray may then be carried out to assess the level of structural damage (if any) and an anaesthetic may be administered if the patient is in severe discomfort. The damaged area of the patient’s mouth would then be sterilised to minimise the risk of infection or further damage to the surrounding teeth, and in severe cases the tooth may have to be extracted. Seeking immediate dental care in the case of an injury with the emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire can have a massively positive benefit to a patient’s dental health, as well as minimising the extent of the damage and the risk of it spreading.

3 Major emergencies that require an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire

Owing to the fact that there are a number of dental problems that patients experience, it can be a bit confusing to ascertain what exactly constitutes a dental emergency. The simplest definition of an emergency situation is one that requires immediate professional dental care to save adult teeth, stop blood loss or relieve severe pain.

Emergency Dentist in BuckinghamshireAn emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire offering urgent dental care services is best placed to provide you with the appropriate treatment for your needs. He or she has the necessary training, as well as the required diagnostic equipment at their disposal to get to the root of the matter, and can offer you effective treatment such as administering anaesthetics to ease your discomfort. The immediate problem for a dentist in an emergency such as in the case of painful infection is to alleviate any pain a patient may be experiencing and then offer suitable treatment such as draining the abscess by performing a root canal procedure.

Indisputable dental problems that necessitate calling your dentist

By and large major dental problems have the potential to be life threatening which is why there is great emphasis attached to seeking urgent treatment. Dental emergencies are classified according to three categories:

  1. Facial trauma that results in injury to teeth or mouth

Facial trauma most often results from sports injuries, contact sports in particular, and accidents – examples include falling in the home and receiving a blow to the face – that affect adult teeth and supporting tissue. In order to save a knocked out adult tooth, it has to be replaced (receive dental treatment) within an hour. Tissue injuries such as puncture wounds or lacerations to the tongue and cheeks are also considered emergency dental problems.

  1. Infection or swelling in the mouth

Swelling in the mouth is a strong indicator of an abscess or a bacterial gum infection. The risk of untreated abscess or infections is that they can spread to other parts of the body which is why they are considered dental emergencies. Another symptom of a tooth abscess is the sensation of pain when biting down.

  1. Unmanageable or intense pain in the mouth area

If the persistent pain you are experiencing won’t go away or becomes progressively worse, it may be a sign of a serious underlying problem. Seeking treatment sooner will provide relief from intolerable pain and the source of the problem can be treated. Throbbing pain is often a symptom of tooth decay which is a serious issue.

If the situation does arise when you require an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire, contact us at Garden View Dental Care without delay. Leaving serious dental problems untreated can impact your overall health and wellbeing. Ask our reception team for the relevant contact details available should an emergency arise outside normal dental practice hours.

Routine dental check-ups are most helpful in preventing dental emergencies such as infections in the mouth. These routine check-ups are recommended because they help to discover any potential problems such as the signs of tooth decay or gum disease and treatment can be offered to address these issues.

How can I tell if I’m having a dental emergency?

In some cases, there is a fine line between dental pain and a dental emergency. Discomfort is not difficult to identify, but knowing when to see the emergency dentist is not always clear. In any case, if you are unsure, it’s always better to be on the safe side.

Emergency Dentist in BeaconsfieldAt Garden View Dental Care, we appreciate that most people cannot always identify what counts as an oral emergency, but our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield is here to help. Reacting to dental emergencies quickly is really important, therefore if you are in pain or you don’t know what to do, you should book an appointment with our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield as soon as possible.

Here are a few indications that you may be experiencing a dental emergency and how you should respond:

Signs of dental emergencies

If you are in severe pain, you have sustained tooth damage or your gums are bleeding, then you should contact your emergency dentist in Beaconsfield immediately. These symptoms can be connected to serious oral trauma and can cause more problems if not treated on time. If you have lost a tooth, in particular, it’s really important to see your emergency dentist as soon as possible after the accident, since time is valuable. Not to mention that if your injury gets infected, things can get out of hand quickly.

How can we help?

At Garden View Dental Care, we are ready to handle emergency situations any time throughout the day or outside regular hours. Our emergency dentist in Beaconsfield will be ready for you if you need immediate treatment. Depending on your injury, we can offer same-day appointments, so you don’t have to worry about your teeth and gums.

Our emergency dentist can deal with many dental problems. Their aim is to alleviate pain and then create the best treatment plan. Though some emergency cases can be treated in a single appointment, in most cases, you will have to return to the dentist’s chair for additional treatment. By restoring the damage, your teeth and gums will remain healthy and functional for years to come.

Want to learn more about our emergency dental services? Don’t hesitate to call.

About your visit to an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire

If you have had an accident, you have a damaged restoration or you’re in sudden pain, it’s good to see your emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentist in BuckinghamshireGarden View Dental Care makes emergency appointments available for a variety of dental emergencies including, but not limited to, severe toothaches, broken teeth, trauma and facial swelling. If your dental emergency requires immediate medical attention it is advised to visit the nearest emergency care centre.

Here are some common dental emergencies and how to handle them while waiting for your appointment with an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire.

Knocked out teeth

Time is an important factor with knocked out teeth, so the first step is calling us and making an appointment. The sooner you manage to see an emergency dentist, the more likely it is that they will be able to save your tooth or teeth. While waiting, rinse in milk if possible, or suck it clean, gently removing any debris. Always hold the tooth by the crown, avoiding the root. If you can, try to reposition it in the socket, otherwise, store it between your cheek and your teeth or in a cup of milk. Never try to replace a child’s tooth, instead store in milk before seeing the dentist.


Toothaches are very common and although they can go away with painkillers, sometimes they are indicative of more serious dental problems. If you’re experiencing painful toothache, it’s best to see an emergency dentist in Buckinghamshire as soon as possible. Call us for advice and we will either see you as an emergency or we’ll book a future appointment for you.

At an appointment we will then be able to determine the severity of your emergency with x-rays and examination. Steps will then be taken to give you relief from the pain and book you in for further treatment.

Damaged restorations

If one of your restorations, such as a crown, filling, or dental implant, has come loose and fallen out, carefully take it out of your mouth to avoid swallowing it. You will then need to see the emergency dentist who will provide you with treatment.

When you need to see us at short notice

At Garden View Dental Care, we know that sometimes you will need to see the emergency dentist in Beaconsfield at short notice.

There are 2 main reasons why you might call the emergency dentist in Beaconsfield: injury and infection.

emergency-dentist-in-beaconsfieldInjuries and the emergency dentist in Beaconsfield

Injuries often result from doing some kind of sports, such as playing rugby and skateboarding, but they can also result from car accidents, coming off your bike and also, if you are a child, from simply mucking about at school with your mates.

Whether you have lost some teeth, cracked a tooth or have chipped one, you need to call us and come in as soon as possible. Tell us what the problem is, and we will do our best to get you an appointment on the same day. If you have knocked out teeth that are intact, please let us know, as the sooner you can get to us, the more chance we have of being able to re-implant them.

Knocked out teeth should be stored inside your cheek or in a pot of milk. Never use tap water or let them dry out, as they will die. Also, be sure to pick them up by the crown and not touch any fleshy bits hanging from the root, as these are the bits that need to re-attach to your tooth socket.

Infection and the emergency dentist in Beaconsfield

If you have had a toothache that has been going on for more than a few days and is getting worse, it’s a good idea to get an emergency appointment. If the pain is throbbing and getting worse, it is vital you come to see us. This kind of pain is indicative of an infection. We can numb the area and take a look. Infection often takes the form of an abscess, which is a build-up of pus, near the root of the tooth.

If you had such a toothache and it has now stopped, don’t not come. This could be a sign that your tooth has died and the infection is spreading into your jawbone.

Store our number in your phone so that you can reach us at any time.